The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 831

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 831 – Darryl remembered it clearly; Donoghue had escaped during the chaos that surrounded the Dixon family’s destruction. He did not expect the man to survive it, let alone find the Grand Weapon.

Zoran continued to say, “Darryl, we have missed the Sky Breaking Axe. Its reappearance had caused a great quake; the Incredible Sky Mountain had collapsed because of it, and a lava-full volcano crater was formed instead. Other than the crater, the mountain is now left with only a piece of wasteland. Not even the Grand Weapon’s shadow is there.”

Then, Sara quickly added, “The volcano crater has so much lava in it, and it scared me!”

Darryl sighed as he nodded. “Godfather, I am not here for the Grand Weapon. My main duty is to rescue Yvonne and Monica.”

He squeezed his fist tightly as he said, “Both of them must be trapped in the palace, so, I must rescue them.”

Zoran replied quickly, “Please don’t act so impulsively, Darryl. You cannot rush their rescue. The palace has very tight security so you won’t be able to break in so easily. I can help you, but we need to plan for it.”


Darryl nodded; he felt grateful. He served his godfather with a drink and asked, “Oh, yes, how are my parents?”

Ever since the battle at the Wishing Star Tower, his parents had been sent to live with the Carters family; he did not know how they had fared.

Zoran laughed as he reassured him. “Don’t worry, your father and mother are fine. You don’t have to worry about them. Yes, Darryl, there is another serious matter that we have to discuss when you’re back in the World Universe. We’ll need a good date for you and Rachel to get married.”


Darryl felt embarrassed when he heard that.


At that moment, Rachel was worried and furious as she stood up. “How many times do I need to say it, I don’t want to marry Darryl. Why must you force me?”

Rachel’s eyes were all red; she turned and ran out of the inn.

Susan stood up immediately. “Rachel-” She was about to chase after Rachel in her stilettos.

However, Zoran stopped Susan and said coldly, “Let her be. Let her leave to calm down; she will be back soon. This is the New World; it is not our territory. She will not run away.”

Susan nodded and sat down.

Darryl’s face was full of embarrassment as he smiled bitterly. “Godfather, about my marriage with Rachel, I think, perhaps we can forget about it-“

Darryl had no feelings for Rachel at all. He felt terrible when his godfather forced them to be together.

“How can we do that?” Zoran furrowed his brows and replied firmly, “Your father and I had agreed to this marriage, and as children, both of you need to follow our arrangement. How can we cancel it?”

Darryl smiled as he scratched his head. He could not say anything else when he saw how his godfather had reacted.


Rachel ran toward the Royal City’ suburbs. It was late at night, and there was no one in that area. She looked around and lit a firework that she pulled out from her clothes.

Soon, the firework shone beautifully in the air.

Not long after that, a shadow rushed toward her–it was Ewan White.

Previously, Ewan had impersonated the Indomitable Darby at the Carters’ residence and asked for Rachel’s hand in marriage. After he was exposed as a fake, Zoran was so furious that he forbade Rachel from seeing him anymore.

However, that encouraged Rachel to be more rebellious.

Rachel had dated Ewan secretly, even after they had arrived at the New World.

There was no mobile signal at the New World, so it was difficult for them to communicate, but they found a way to do that. The fireworks were their signal to meet.

Ewan walked toward her. When he saw the redness in Rachel’s eyes, he hugged her. “Rachel, what’s wrong?”

Rachel felt bullied, so she complained, “Darry is here. My father insists on marrying me to him–“


Darryl was in Royal City?