The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 824

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 824 – The New World’s Royal City had been busy and merry because the nine sects from all nine mainlands had headed there.

Each sect from the nine mainlands had a unique background, and those that gathered at the Royal City were from different cultures. It had formed quite a remarkable scene.

Hundreds of miles away from the Royal City, dozens of people walked on the main road. All of them looked dusty and exhausted.

Chester and Dax were the ones who led them.

The Flower Mountain Sect and the Eternal Life Palace Sect’s disciples trailed behind those two brothers. The Four Guardian Kings of the Eternal Life Palace Sect, Circe, Evelyn and others were there too.

Like the other sects who were at the Royal City for the Grand Weapon, Chester and Dax had decided to go there for the same reason as well. Most importantly, they wanted to look for Darryl, who had gone missing.

Apart from the Flower Mountain Sect and the Eternal Life Palace Sect, many other sects from the World Universe were headed there as well Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, TianShan, Wanderers, Island of Peach Blossom, Beggars Sect-almost all the sects were there.

However, Chester and Dax did not like the others, so they did not travel with them.

Dax was on a huge horse; he wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “Do you think we’ll find Darryl? Also, what is with that Grand Weapon?”

Chester had no answer for him; he smiled bitterly and said, “I am not interested in the Grand Weapon. I just want to find Darry. He is still missing, and I have no idea what he has been doing.”

Both of them sighed.

They had walked for a long time before they finally arrived at the New World’s Royal City. There was a small restaurant at the entrance, and it was crowded with guests from different mainlands.

“Look, there is a restaurant in front,” Dax shouted excitedly. It had been a tiring and thirsty long journey.

“Brothers, let’s go get a drink,” Chester said as he turned toward the disciples behind him.

His disciples cheered when they heard that.

Once they entered the restaurant, Dax and Chester found a seat beside the window.

After they ordered some drinks from the waiter, Chester looked around. All the guests were dressed in their unique way. Some were in suits, and some were in traditional long robes, some were in traditional attire-it was a mix of traditional and modern clothing.

A few people sat not nearby, Their leader was a lady in deep blue jeans, and she looked attractive. She was Ophelia Lane, the Chairlady of the Jiangnan Elixir Association. The few people beside her were her disciples.

Ophelia saw Chester and the others too, but she did not acknowledge them as they did not know each other.

“Chester, look! Who is that?” Dax shouted.

Chester looked toward where Dax had pointed. He saw two people seated at the table by the door; it was Justin and Matteo.

Justin had gone for some practice in the woods that day and k****d some animals. He was tired and thirsty; he was there for some drinks.


Dax was surprised and happy to see him. He went toward him immediately and asked, “Justin, where is Lily?”

The news about Lily had regained her memory had spread across Donghai City.

Some people said Justin had boarded a boat with Lily to the New World. He did not expect to see Justin there!

“You–“Justin panicked. “What Lily?”

He was afraid of Dax. Well, everyone in Donghai City was afraid of Dax. They knew that he was part of the dark society and had a wild personality.

“I am asking you; where is Lily?” Dax said impatiently, “Stop pretending that you do not know what I’m talking about!”