The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 823

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 823 – Lord Kenny’s hand was on the Cult Mistress’ waist.

“Lord Kenny, please be respectful and remove your hand.”

Monica took a step backward. She still rejected any intimate actions with Lord Kenny.

She only had eyes for one man, and that was Darryl.

Lord Kenny was disappointed. He smiled awkwardly and said, “My dear, it has been such a long time, but you still do not accept me.”

Monica had lived in the Bred’s residence for a long time. Lord Kenny loved her very much, so he did not force her to accept him.

Monica still looked beautiful even though she was pregnant, and Lord Kenny loved her a little more each day. He could not stop himself; he wanted to hug her. He did not expect she would reject him again.

Lord Kenny forced a smile and changed the topic.” My dear, you have been here for quite some time, what do you think about the Bred’s residence?”

Monica bit her lips and said softly, “This is a nice place. Lord Kenny, you have been so nice to me, and I appreciate it. But my heart does not belong here; why don’t you let me go?”

Monica’s beautiful face was full of hope when she said that. “I am also pregnant, and the baby will come soon. It will affect your reputation if I continue to stay here.”

Lord Kenny held his fist tightly and said, “I do not mind your pregnancy. And I do not care what other people think!”

Lord Kenny tried to console her gently. “Don’t worry; I will never force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. If you are willing, I shall treat the child as my own when the baby is born. The baby will be a prince or a princess. I will be the baby’s father and raise the child with you.”

He loved Monica very much.

He could even give his title up as long as Monica was willing to stay with him.

Monica shivered when she heard his words. She was touched; she did not know that Lord Kenny loved her that much.

Not many men could do what he had offered her.

Monica was touched; she said softly, “But—“

Just as she was about to speak, Lord Kenny interrupted her. “I know that you wanted to leave, but the situation outside is still very chaotic. Ever since the Grand Weapon has reappeared, the nine mainlands can now connect with each other. The news about that has spread across the nine mainlands, and many powerful people are heading toward the Royal City to check it out. All of them wanted to get their hands on the Grand Weapon.”

Lord Kenny explained it patiently. “It will be chaotic out there with so many people. What if you met some bad people? You have to think about your baby even though you do not care about your own safety.”


Monica paused; she did not know what to say.

He was right; she needed to think for her baby, so she could not act impulsively.

Monica sighed; she had to face the reality. “Then, I shall stay for a little while longer.”

Lord Kenny laughed as he nodded. “It is late, rest early.”

He was delighted that he could convince Monica to stay. He quickly brought her inside the house.

Lord Kenny was right; the situation at the New World was chaotic!

The news about the Grand Weapon’s reappearance had shocked all nine mainlands!

The news about what happened at the Incredible Sky Mountain had also spread. Everyone had heard about it. In just a short time, all the sects from the nine mainlands rushed toward the Royal City when they heard the news. They were there to learn more about the situation. The Incredible Sky Mountain was located right at the Royal City entrance.