The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 820

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 820 – “What?”

Everyone was stunned when they saw the Sect Mistress’s rosy cheeks.

Debra was delighted; she stood closer to Darryl.

He could write poems, produce elixir, and even know about formations. There was nothing that the man did not know.

Jewel cheered beside him; she grabbed Darryl’s arm and said, “Wow, Mister, you are so good! Sister Jody is finally awake!”

Andy was stunned too, but he was also delighted. He hugged Jody tightly, and his tears continued to fall. “My dear, my dear! Thank goodness, you are fine now! Thank goodness…”

Jody rubbed her eyebrows; her face was full of curiosity. “My dear, did I fall sick again?”

As she spoke, Jody felt bashful when she saw so many people in her room.

“Yes, but you are fine now.” Andy laughed as he cried. He looked around and said, “All of you may leave now. I have something to say to Sect Master Gable.”

Once they heard that, the Elixir Sect elders turned and left the room silently.

However, when they reached the door, many of them still stared at Darryl strangely.

That man had such capability!

Just as everyone had left, Andy stood and bowed to Darry. His face was filled with gratefulness. “You are a mysterious man, Darryl. I have searched the entire north and south of the Great Valley to cure my wife’s sickness, but no one could do it. I did not think that it was because of the two mirrors. I shall eternally be grateful to you.”

Andy’s attitude toward Darryl had changed. Jody was the only person he had loved in his life, and if she were to d*e, he would not want to live either.

No matter how bad Darry’s words had sounded, he had saved his wife. He would forever be indebted to him!

Darryl said casually, “Your wife had been in the house for too long. Once she is feeling better, bring her for walks more often.”

Andy immediately nodded; he was so happy. He had never thought that his wife, who had been sick for more than a year, would recover so suddenly. That was the most excellent news in the world! Andy turned around and looked at Debra as he asked excitedly, “Sect Master Gable, if I may ask, is he an elder from your Artemis Sec?”

“This Darryl is so capable, but I have never heard about him.’

Debra smiled lightly and said, “Darryl is not from Artemis Sect; he is a friend of mine.”

Debra felt happy about the situation, but she was also the Artemis Sect’s Sect Master. She could not tell anyone that she was interested in Darryl.

Jewel spoke proudly, “My mister is a very powerful man; he does not belong to any sect.”

When he heard that, Andy’s eyes shone, he turned to Darryl and said politely, “You have saved my wife, and I am eternally grateful. If you don’t mind, perhaps you would want to join the Elixir Sect and be my Deputy Sect Master?”


Jewel’s body shivered; she was very emotional. It was a generous offer! Andy wanted Darryl to join his sect, so he offered Darryl the Deputy Sect Master position, and it was a crucial position.

Andy, on the other hand, waited for his reply anxiously.

Darryl could produce the cure for the Three Poisons Pill. He must have excellent skills in elixir production.

Besides that, he knew about formations too. It would be great to attract such great talent into his sect.

However, Darryl smiled and said, “You are all b******s; I will not join you.”

“Why do you say that?” Andy asked worriedly.

Why did Darryl look down on Elixir Sect when he arrived at their hall? Why did he a****k the Elixir Sect verbally? Why?

Darryl’s eyes were cold as he said, “I have an old friend. Ten years ago, he was pushed down a cliff by the Elixir Sect and the Sword Sect, Don’t you think ?”! that the Elixir Sect members are b*st*rds?”