The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 82

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 82 – Under the pressure of everyone’s gaze, Elsa was uncomfortable. She wanted to speak up but held back.

William recovered from the shock, and said to Trent, “Bro, you scared me back there! I was thinking about what could you possibly ask for, so it turned out to be this!”

Trent did not speak, he just looked at Granny in anticipation. This proposed marriage determined the Lyndon family’s future, which only Granny had the authority to speak for.

At this moment, Granny did not hesitate, she smiled, “It’s our pleasure to be able to unite with Master Young in marriage,” Granny then turned to Elsa and asked, “Elsa, what do you think?”

Elsa stood up, as she was about to speak, Trent shook his head, “Granny, I think you’re mistaken. I’ m not talking about her.”

What? Not Elsa Lyndon? What was he proposing to?

Everyone was in shock. Elsa was caught off guard with mixed feelings on her face. She was relieved but curious.

When the Lyndon family was confused, Trent smiled and walked over with all eyes glued on him. When he stopped walking, the hall was d**d-pin silent. He stopped in front of Lily Lyndon.

Lily was in a sheath dress that compliments her elegant body shape, very attractive. She trembled at the sight of Trent in front of her, with her

heartbeat racing.

“Ms. Lyndon, I’ve always admired you deeply,” Trent said with a smile, looking right into Lily’s eyes, as he reached out his hand.

Of course, Lily did not want to shake his hand. After taking a deep breath, she said slowly pronouncing each word, “Master Young, I think you have mistaken. I’ve ahead married.”

At this moment, everyone slowly recovered from the shock, nodded in agreement.

“Bro, you must’ve confused between the two of them! Lily had been married for three years!” William added on.

Trent smiled faintly, as he turned to William, “No, I’ m not mistaken at all. I’ve always fancied Lily, and I’ m telling you, I’m making the offer to buy your shares because of Lily. Do you understand?”

William did not see this coming at all, with that said, William’s face stiffens with his mouth open. He was caught off guard.

“Oh, Master Young, you must be kidding…” Granny finally spoke.

Without letting her finish, Trent cut short, “Granny, do I look like I’m kidding?” he continued, “If you don’t agree, I won’t insist. But I hope you do consider your current situation slowly, as you don’t have authority in your own enterprise. Without me, who else would pay up eight billion to buy your shares?”

Granny had mixed feelings, but still attempted to talk him out, “Master Young, if you would like to be with Elsa, I won’t disagree. But Lily…she is someone ‘s wife, what you’re doing is… not right.”

Trent smiled in disdain, “Don’t you worry about this, Granny. I’ve checked the person that Lily married to, he is just a nobody, isn’t that what everyone in the family thinks of him anyway? Also, although they’re married for three years, they haven’t had any child, right?” With that, Trent turned to Lily, “Am I right, gorgeous?”

Granny was speechless after hearing that, so was the rest of the family. Trent was right about Daryl, he did not do any good to the family in the past three years, that everyone wanted to kick him out of the family. If Lily went with Trent instead, it would release them from the pain of having Darryl around.

With that thought, the members of the family agreed in silence. Yet, what Trent was about to do made them all frown with doubt.

“Oh my gorgeous Lily, look, your family has agreed, what about you? Don’t be shy.” As he said, he said down beside Lily, with a grin, he reached out to grab Lily’s hand.

Lily pushed away his hand, and said in disdain, “Master Young, please behave.”

Although she appeared calm when she said that, her heart was beating miles! She had never encountered such a thing before. Trent was such a dishonest man, and he even tried to touch her in front of her family, yet nobody stopped him …

Lily was not only nervous but extremely uncomfortable. Why did none of her family members help her out? They just watched…