The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 813

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 813 – “Darryl, wait-“

Darryl had taken a few steps forward when he heard Debra’s worried voice.

So, he stopped and turned to look at her. Debra bit her lips as she looked down and said softly, “Can’t you stay? Don’t go.”


Darryl laughed when he heard that. “Why would I stay here?”

Debra looked hopeful. She was silent for a while before she decided to say, “Stay here with me, and I would do anything for you. I would serve you my entire life.”


Debra’s body shook when she said that. She could not believe she had confessed her feelings to him. She was bashful; she turned as she dared not look at Darryl.

Debra was the most talented woman in that world. She was proficient in all aspects-art, music, and poem writing.

It was as if her conservative side had gone wild; she was crazy in love with Darry!!

She had lived a disciplined life, and to everyone else, she was the noble Artemis Sect’s Sect Master-the Goddess.

However, she only wanted Darryl to stay. She tried to be brave in love-if only for that one time!

Debra’s face sweated-she had fallen deeply in love with Darry!!

She was not one to believe in fate, but she knew it was that the moment she met the man. She would follow him, no matter who he was!

She had fallen in love, and she admitted that. No matter what, she wanted Darryl to stay.

Darryl sighed when he heard her words. His mind started to spin.

‘Did I hear that correctly? The Artemis Sect’s Sect Master has fallen in love with me?’

Before Darryl could gather his thoughts, Debra walked toward him, tipped toe and kissed him on his cheek. It was a feather-light k**s.

“You-” Darry looked at her; he was puzzled. The Artemis Sect’s Sect Master was an epitome of calmness; that small little act did not seem like something she would do.

Debra tried to be brave; she asked, “Please, would you stay, Darryl? For me?”

Debra wanted Darryl. She recognized his talent, and she wanted to be with him forever.

“What is love that makes people willing to choose to live or d*e?

“When two people meet, it is worth a lifetime.

“When two persons are in love forever, it does not matter if they are together or apart.”

Darryl recited a poem. None of Artemis Sect’s disciples could write such poems-what a talented man!

“About that-“

Darryl looked at Debra in confusion. He tried to keep his mind clear as he smiled bitterly and said, “I’m afraid that I can’t stay, Sect Master Gable. I have some very important matters to attend to.”

Even though she was a beautiful woman, and he was lucky to have her, it was too sudden for him to accept that.

Darryl had no time for relationships. He could only think about Yvonne and the Cult Mistress.

Debra bit her lips until it was about to bleed; she did not expect a man would reject her. She panicked and said, “Then, please stay for two more days. Just two days. Come to the Elixir Sect with me, please? Elder J*****r has given me a fake elixir, and I want to seek justice. Please, just stay for me for two more days. I beg you,” she said softly. She did not expect she would be willing to lose her dignity after she fell in love with someone.