The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 81

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 81 – Granny Lyndon repeated again, “William, if we successfully sold out our shares, I’ll not only reward you greatly, I’ll also handover the Lyndon Enterprise to you.”

“Thank you Granny. Thank you Granny!” William almost burst with excitement, he intentionally glanced at Lily.

’Aren’t you the highest achieving one here? My deal with Platinum Corporation was stolen by you. Yet, now that our enterprise faced danger, wasn’t it me, William Lyndon who saved it?’ William thought to himself.

Sometime later, a black limousine pulled over by the entrance of Lyndon Residence. A man walked down the limousine in casual wear with sunglasses on. It was Trent Young, with a few bodyguards following behind him. He was in his twenties, but with his outstanding skills, he made a name of himself in the martial world. A very capable man.

“Granny, Master Young is here.”

People who practiced martial arts were called Master’ as a form of respect.

“Please, please come in,” Granny said excitedly as she stood up.

The murmurings stopped instantly, as everyone turned their attention to the entrance; William stood by the entrance waiting.

Trent Young marched inside with the bodyguards following behind him. He exuded a strong and powerful aura in every gesture he made.

“Haha! Brother Trent came so soon! “William walked forward and shook his hand, “Bro, this is my Granny.”

“How do you do, Granny Lyndon.” Trent nodded at Granny, he greeted in a somewhat arrogant manner.

“Please take a seat.” Granny did not mind at all, since the man was very capable.

Trent reclined onto the sofa as if he was at home, while his bodyguards stood behind him in style.

The crowd did not make a sound. Granny then instructed William to tell Trent about the corporation.

“Ah, so you want to sell your shares.” After Trent finished listening, he nodded and said with a smile, “20% of shares, that’d be five billion. Well, that’s too little, I’ll pay you eight billion.”


Everyone was awestruck. 20% of shares and five billion was considered ’too little’? What was wrong with this guy! Well, it was no secret that this man was crazy rich, owning so many martial clubs and championships. Everyone knew he was rich, but nobody thought that he was so insanely rich?

In shock, joy appeared on many faces, including Granny. With eight billion, the Lyndon family could do anything!

William too, was stunned, but he quickly recovered, “Bro, thank you so much!”

At this moment, Trent added on, “Under one condition.”

“What is it, Master Young. Please tell us,” Granny answered without hesitating.

Trent stood up, and sent his gaze around the hall. He spoke slowly,    “When I was talking to William the other day, he mentioned he has a cousin who is both smart and gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to meet her myself. Therefore, other than the deal we spoke about, the other reason why I came here today is to propose to her. I hope Granny doesn’t mind.”

Nobody saw that coming, everyone was stunned.

Though business marriage was something common these days, so when everyone recovered from the shock, they turned their gaze to Elsa Lyndon.

The most beautiful ladies in the family Lyndon were Lily and Elsa. Since Lily already married, everyone assumed it was Elsa that Trent was looking for.