The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 807

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 807 – Hiss.

Justin gasped when he saw her face.

Her left face was as smooth as jade and snow; she looked beautiful and charming!

However, the other half of her face on the right was as black as ink. It looked like a birthmark.

Was that not Lily?

“You are not human, Justin! I hate you! I hate you!” Lily yelled as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Lily was distraught after she left the inn, so she walked around aimlessly. She had no idea where she was headed until she ended up at the branch altar. Then she was arrested as a spy who had broken into the area.

She did not expect to see Justin and Matteo there!

“Lily! What happened to your face?” Justin was surprised and happy to see her. He rushed forward to untie her.

“Go away! Don’t touch me!” Lily cried and tried to back away. She did not want Justin to approach her at all.

Lily stared at Matteo fiercely. “Both of you are animals! Go to h**l!”

Justin was stunned; he looked at Matteo. “Master…”

‘Master said that he did not touch her, did he not?’

‘Then, why is Lily reacting in such a way?’

‘What happened to her face?’

Matteo exhaled irritably. He glanced at Lily, and said coldly, “You kept saying that I’ve sullied you, what evidence do you have?”


Lily was annoyed; she stared at Matteo fiercely. “Back at the inn! You ought to know what you did to me.”

She remembered that she was not appropriately dressed, and she was wet in the tub. Was that not a piece of strong evidence?

Matteo smiled coldly. “You were in your clothes as you soaked in the bathtub. Of course, your clothes would be messy. I put you in the bathtub as a show I put up for my disciple. It was just a test. I didn’t touch you at all.”

Matteo looked at Lily closely. “As a woman, you don’t even know if you have been violated. How ridiculous of you to slander me so casually. Also, I practice the Immeasurable Universe Power. I cannot get close to the opposite s*x for three years. Even if a fairy is in front of me, I won’t be messing with her, let alone you, ugly monster!”

“You–” Lily was speechless after she heard that.

She did not remember any damage to her hymen or felt uncomfortable after the incident at the inn.

Matteo had called her an ugly monster; his words pierced her heart like a sharp needle.

Half of Lily’s face had inexplicably become as black as ink after she left the inn.

She had transformed from a beautiful swan to an ugly duckling overnight; Lily felt so overwhelmed that she started to cry. “Even if you didn’t defile me, you turned me into this. I neither look like a human nor a ghost. I hate you! I hate you!”

“Shut up, please.” Matteo stepped forward and slapped Lily’s face!


That slap sent Lily to the ground.

“This is the Incandescent Sect. You are an ugly monster, and you are making a lot of noise here. Where do I put my face as the Deputy Sect Master?” Matteo rebuked coldly.

“Master, I beg you not to beat her- Justin knelt in front of Lily; he wanted to protect her.

“Master, when I was outside the door, was it Lily’s voice that I heard?” Justin asked through gritted teeth. Every time he was reminded of that voice, his heart bled!