The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 805

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 805 – Darryl was shocked to hear that. He turned to Debra and asked, “Is it true that there are divine weapons in this world?”

Weapons were divided into seven levels -red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

If there was a divine weapon, then which rank would it be?

“It’s not just a divine weapon, but a peerless divine weapon,” Debra said slowly.

“Even divine weapons like the Plantain Fan and the Magic Cudgel would not cause such a big movement.”

Darryl shuddered.

Meanwhile, at the Emei Hall in Emei Mountain, in the World Universe Continent.

Aurora stood proudly at the hall entrance and looked up at the sky.

Behind her, the Emei Sect’s elders and some elite disciples also looked at the sky; they were dumbfounded.

Aurora summoned the elders to discuss ways to deal with Chester.

After the previous battle with the Eternal Life Palace Sect, the Emei Sect had won, but the situation was not optimistic for them. Aurora learned that the Eternal Life Palace Sect and Flower Mountain were ready to join forces to a****k them.

Halfway through the discussion, the mountain suddenly shook. Everyone there was stunned.

A golden light had struck heaven and earth in the New World Continent’s direction!

Aurora said softly, “Such anomaly and the earth is shaking, it seems that a peerless divine weapon has been found. The world will be a different place soon.”

Behind Aurora, all the Emei elders exchanged looks as they drew a sharp breath. What kind of a divine weapon would cause such astronomical phenomena?

At Mount Mingwang in the New World Continent.

Mount Mingwang was located at the southeast of the New World Continent. It was a strange mountain range. There was no vegetation, and the entire mountain was covered in red rocks. From a distance, it looked like a ball of fire.

There was a magnificent palace at the top of the mountain. It was the Incandescent Sect’s general altar.

The Incandescent Sect had been around for thousands of years. There were countless cultivators from the Incandescent Sect throughout the New World Continent’s history.

It was safe to say that the Incandescent Sect was one of the oldest sects in the New World Continent; it was extremely powerful! They had very powerful sect masters too!

Its newest Sect Master was a woman called Laura Hanson.

Laura was the Incandescent Sect’s 33rd Sect Master. She was also Matteo’s sister.

The Incandescent Sect had a magical skill called the Immeasurable Universe Power. There were ten levels altogether. The previous Sect Masters only managed to cultivate up to the seventh level, and Laura had already reached the eighth level!

In the bright hall…

Laura sat on the throne. She was only 30 years old; her body was firm, and she looked aloof and elegant. She had a powerful aura; it was sacred and not to be desecrated!

Two men stood in front of her; they wore red robes with the symbol of flame embroidered on their chests. They were the Unrivalled Heaven and Earth duo.

The Deputy Sect Master, the Unrivalled Heaven and Earth duo and the Nine Sovereign Kings stood near the Sect Master’s throne.

The Unrivalled Heaven and Earth duo had a high status in the Incandescent Sect; they were second only to the Deputy Sect Master.

Laura commented, “Why does the earth keep shaking?”

Laura had just come out of seclusion, so she had no idea what had happened.

The Unrivalled Heaven replied, “Sect Master, the shock seems to be coming from the Incredible Sky Mountain…”

The Unrivalled Earth added quickly, “Sect Master, I think that a divine weapon has been found. I learned that the divine weapon’s appearance had also shattered the nine mainlands’ barriers; it had almost completely disappeared. The New World and the World Universe were originally separated by the Sea of D***h that had no buoyancy. However, it seems like it had turned into a normal sea.”

The Unrivalled Earth continued to say, “The Mysterious Canyon originally separated the New World and the Great East. The canyon had poisonous barriers and swamps, but they are all gone as well… It means that people from the nine mainlands can now move around freely without any obstacles…”


Laura was shocked. What kind of a divine weapon was that? How could it be so powerful?