The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 800

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 800 – Yumi had completely collapsed just within a few days. She knew that she would be beaten up if she refused to reveal the scriptures’ secret.

Donoghue stopped and sneered, “Well, say it!”

Yumi curled up in pain and whispered, “These… These seven volumes need to be soaked in water for the secrets within to be revealed…”


So that was it!

Donoghue was stunned before looking up toward the sky and laughed heartily. His face sank after seeing Yumi trembling all over and scolded, “B*tch, what are you doing there? Go get me some water!”

“I’ll get it now…” Yumi quickly stepped aside and filled some water into a crockpot.

A map appeared on the seven scriptures volumes as soon as water was poured on them.

Donoghue was overjoyed and could not wait to look at the map. He was then shocked to find the place marked on the map was the New World Continent!

‘Haha! G*d is treating me well!’

Donoghue grabbed Yumi and quickly walked out of the ruined temple. “Quick! Come with me and hunt for the treasure. Haha!”

Yumi had no choice but to do as she was told. She accompanied Donoghue and followed the map to hunt for the marked location.

After some time, Donoghue and Yumi finally arrived at the destination.

It was the Incredible Sky Mountains.

It was the mountains marked on the map! The Incredible Sky Mountains were located in the outskirts of the Royal City.

The mountain range was huge as it spanned over a few thousand miles! The mountains which reached up straight into the sky were honored as a sacred mountain by the New World Emperor!

However, what depressed Donoghue was that he had explored the mountain range several times yet found no treasure.

They noticed lush vegetation halfway through the Incredible Sky Mountains. It looked like a primeval forest without a single person in sight. How could there be any treasure in such a desolate place?

Nonetheless, Donoghue firmly believed that the map on those seven scriptures was not randomly drawn.

Donoghue and Yumi stayed on the mountain for several days as Donoghue searched diligently and made sure not to miss any corner when looking for the treasure. He fed himself with mountain hares and pheasants when he was hungry.

One day, Donoghue had not eaten all day as he had spent the entire day seeking high and low for the treasure. In the afternoon, he was famished so he went looking for food. He saw a hare and chased it all the way. The hare which ran very fast soon went into a hole.

Donoghue reached into the hole and tried to catch it. He was stunned the moment his arm reached in!

Donoghue could clearly feel a gush of spiritual energy coming from the hole!

How strange was that?

How could a rabbit hole have such a strange aura?

Donoghue immediately squatted down and began digging the hole.

Yumi was afraid of being beaten up again so she dared not escape but came over upon noticing his actions. She was curious to see Donoghue digging hard and decided to take a closer look.

She saw the rabbit hole getting bigger and bigger! In a blink of an eye, the entrance of the hole became half a meter wide!

Donoghue and Yumi were both stunned! That was not a rabbit hole! It was clearly a huge cave! Donoghue took out his cellphone and used what little battery remained and turned on the flashlight. He popped his phone through the hole and took a good look at what was inside. He saw a flight of stone steps at the cave entrance which directly led them deeper underground!


‘Found it! Found it!

‘Finally! That must be the path leading to the treasure! Haha!’

Donoghue was extremely excited and dragged Yumi along. “Hurry up, go into the cave with me. Haha, I’ll soon be commanding the world! Haha!”

Yumi bit her lip and went in with him.