The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 778

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 778 – “Lily, there’s nothing inappropriate about carrying you since you can’t walk,” said Justin excitedly.

“It’s… It’s fine. I’ll walk by myself.” Lily smiled lightly before slowly walking ahead.

She would only accept one man in her entire life and that was Darryl. How could she let Justin carry her?

Justin sighed before chasing after her.

They finally reached the inn after some time. At the entrance, Justin’s touched the iron saber on his waist. He realized that in this world after yesterday’ s beaten up by those street thugs, ‘You will get bullied if you are powerless.’ He had spent twenty tokens on a saber to pretend to be someone powerful so that those street thugs who saw him might not mess with him.

At the entrance, Justin scanned the surroundings and noticed several patrons at the inn with none looking like thugs. He then let out a sigh of relief before immediately sitting down. He then asked for two bowls of noodles and some tea.

“Lily, the table is a little d***y. I’ll help you wipe it.”

He used his sleeve to wipe the table and Lily’s bench. Even though the entire journey was arduous, he still took great care of Lily.

In less than 15 minutes, the noodles and tea were served. Justin smiled and said, “Lily, we’re lucky there’s an inn at the outskirts! Eat quickly! We’ll then be on our way. I’ll find the best hotel for you once we reach the city!”

Lily gently responded.

In her heart, she did not mind enduring hardships so long she could locate Darryl sooner.

“Boss! Come here!

Someone yelled at that moment as a few people with swords and sabers approached the inn from a distance. These people were those from the martial arts world.

Once they entered the tent, they sat in a group next to Lily and Justin. The leader who had a five-inch long scar on his face looked intimidating.

He was Odin Mcmillan-an infamous bandit.

Odin and his men sat down before slamming on the table and yelled, “Bring us your best wine and meat! B****y h**l! I’m exhausted after such a long journey!”

The owner quickly came out and served them for fear of offending them.

Justin trembled upon witnessing the scene and dared not lift his head. He lowered his head and quickly ate his noodles before leaving.

He was still traumatic from yesterday’s horrible beatings and felt that these men should not be offended. In a short while, he stood up upon finishing his noodles, paid for the shopkeeper, and left.

However, Lily almost fell from tripping over a small rock and losing balance when she walked past the neighboring table-crashing into Odin.


Justin was shocked at that and immediately smiled before apologizing, “I’m so sorry. It was an accident.”

“She’s the one who crashed into me, not you. Why are you the one talking? F*ck off to the side.” Odin reprimanded coldly at Justin.

His eyes then brightened when they fell on Lily.



Who knew he could meet such a perfectly gorgeous lady.

Lily was exhausted from the journey at that moment, so she was feeling a little weak. Nevertheless, it did not take away any of her beauty.

The next moment, Odin grabbed her hand for a closer look before smiling and saying, “Pretty lady, our fates are intertwined for you to c***h into me. If you come and drink with I’ll forgive you.”


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