The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 770

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 770 – “Master, I’ll return to visit you. I’m leaving now.” Darryl clenched his teeth without looking back at Ford as he leaped and continued climbing upwards.

It was unsure how long it had been, but Darryl felt he lost some internal energy. He finally reached the mountain top when he almost could not bear it anymore.


Darryl sighed while he stood on the mountain top. He was so excited as he looked toward the wide land and felt like he was in heaven.

Sh*t! Luckily, he met Master Ford and learned his sword techniques. Otherwise, he would be forever trapped down there.

“Master, we’re finally back up here.” Jewel happily cheered.

Darryl nodded and looked at the deep valley. “Let’s go.”

As he spoke, he walked down the hill slowly as he spoke while Jewel was following behind, hopping and jumping.

Daryl was furious once they reached the place where Marcus previously left them after he intentionally led them the wrong way. Darryl honestly wanted to return to Hai City and seek vengeance from Marcus.

However, Darryl controlled himself as the most important matter at that moment was to quickly reach the Sword Sect, pass through the Mysterious Canyon, and head towards the New World.

He would of course seek revenge for Ford once he arrived at the Sword Sect. Master Ford could forget about the incident, but Daryl as his disciple wanted to teach them a lesson no matter what.

With that thought in mind, Daryl and Jewel went on asking for directions to get to the Sword Sect.

Daryl then rented a small car as they were soon tired from walking.

As the day was getting dark while Darryl drove, he pointed toward the woods in front and said, “Jewel, we shall rest here and sleep in the car tonight.”


Jewel nodded obediently as she laid a blanket for Darryl and asked, “Master, are ynu fired from driving? Let me massage your feet later.”

Darryl’s heart was feeling warm when he heard that.

“I m not tired.” Darryl laughed and laid on his seat with his eyes shut, but could not sleep as his mind was filled with images of Younne and the Cult Mistress.

Jewel patted Darryl gently while singing when she saw Darryl was unable to fall asleep—just like a baby.

“Your dream will be sweet while the tears will still be there when you wake up tomorrow…

“Do you know your broken heart is empty…

“This life forever and ever, you’ll be in my heart…”

The song’s melody was nice while Jewel’s voice was sweet. Darryl enjoyed it as he asked, “Jewel, what’s the name of this song?”

Not only was the melody nice, but the lyrics were also wonderful too. Especially the last two lines—’ This life forever and ever, you’ll be in my heart’.

Jewel smiled. “Master, my mum taught me this song when I was little. I don’t know the song’s name.”

They suddenly heard the sound Of footsteps as Jewel was speaking. A few men with blades in their hands suddenly appeared from the woods and surrounded their car. It was obvious the group of people were mountain bandits.

They then walked closer while looking at Darryl and Jewel before chopping the car with their blade.

The leader coldly said, “Hand over all your money now!” It was obvious that was not the first time this group of people robbed someone. All of them looked well trained with their faces covered.

Darryl laughed. These bandits before him were not powerful at all. Even their leader was only a Level Five Master General Who even gave them the courage to rob?

“Master…” Jewel pulled Darryl’s arm from fear. Darryl patted Jewel’s hand and said, “Don’t worry.

Darryl then rolled down the window, looked at the leader, and calmly said, “We have nothing valuable with us. Perhaps you can give us some money instead.”


’What did he just say?’


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