The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 768

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 768 – Daryl closely looked at Ford as he memorized every thought Ford made.

After Ford finished teaching, he lazily went to sleep.

Darryl held his Blood Drinking Sword and started copying Ford’s technique by waving his sword in the valley.

Time went by and soon half a month had passed.

During the half month, Ford had taught the entire Celestial Swordsmanship to Darryl.

Darryl had not disappointed him as he had mastered all seven techniques.

He had at least trained the entire Celestial Swordsmanship countless times!

Darryl’s hard training had been rewarded with his power upgrade. Level Three Master Saint!

Of course, Jewel had not been resting either for the past half a month as apart from taking care of Darryl, she had been cooking three delicious meals a day for Ford without any dish ever repeating.

Beside a pond in the valley.

Darryl had just finished training the last set of techniques. He took a deep breath and walked towards Ford. “Master, this isn’t a suitable place to stay forever. Why don’t you leave with us?”

He had the abilities to bring them and leave ever since his level was upgraded to Level Three Master Saint, not forgetting that he had learned the Celestial Swordsmanship.

One should know that at the Master Saint Level, One’s power would tremendously increase with each level upgrade.

Jewel who stood beside him also looked closely at Ford as she spoke, “Yes, Master Ford. Please leave.


Ford sighed and shook his head with a bitter smile. ” It’s fine, both of you should go ahead.”

After spending over a month together, Ford was reluctant to let them go. Especially Jewel, if possible he wanted to keep her with him for her incredible cooking skills.

However, she was his disciple’s servant and the Master should not take away his disciple’s things.

Darryl was worried and asked, “Master, the world is great out there. Why would you want to stay here? Besides that, why is Master trapped here?”

Darryl wanted to ask that question a long time ago. How did Ford lose a leg and be trapped in this valley with his powers?


Ford sighed when he thought of that. His face was cold while his eyes filled with anger. “I ended up this way all because of the Sword Sect and Elixir Sect.”

Sword Sect and Elixir Sect?

Ford tightly held his fist and said, “Ten years go, my sword technique was peerless in the world with none able to defeat me. Darryl, do you know the loneliness of being undefeatable? I wanted to find someone who could challenge me. After some thoughts, I feel the Four Major Sects’ sect masters should be able to do so. The Four Major Sects were organizing the Martial Convention at that time, so I rushed there.”

“Martial Convention?” Darryl was surprised.

Jewel explained, “Master, perhaps you don’t know that every three years the Four Major Sects will organize the Martial Convention. The Martial Convention was more of a martial arts competition with the winner being awarded the title World’s First Sect.”

Ford nodded and continued, “At the Martial Convention, I single-handedly defeated the Sect Masters of the Sword Sect and Elixir Sect. Both of them had combined their strength but were still not my match, hence I became famous because of that battle.”

Darryl took a deep breath as he heard that. ’Due against two 5ect Masters and he won?’

The residents of the Great East had much higher cultivation levels when compared to those in the World Universe.

Even a regular person like Marcus was already a Level Three Master Saint.

Due could only imagine how powerful the Four Major Sects’ Sect Masters were. However, the two Sect Masters’ combined strength was not even Ford’ s match.

One could only imagine how powerful Ford was. Ford laughed and continued, “After that battle, the Sword Sect and Elixir Sect felt humiliated and wanted to k**l me. Both Sects lured me to the Broken Tiger Cliff before attacking me by surprise, chopping off one of my legs before pushing me down the cliff.”

Ford smiled coldly as he said, “The Sword Sect and Elixir Sect are just b******s who acted nobly in front of others, but were demons deep down I lost a leg so no matter how powerful I am, I won’t be able to leave this valley and have been trapped here for ten years now. Ten whole years.”


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