The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 760

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 760 – Meanwhile, at the Clement mansion in Donghai City.

It was Wade and Lily’s wedding day.

The whole mansion looked very festive—with bright red decorations, fireworks and luxury cars.

There was a small garden in the mansion, and it was full of guests and banquet tables.

Many of the city’s rich and famous families attended the wedding.

There were a few chairs beside the garden’s main altar, where Wade’s parents and Samantha sat. All three of them smiled brightly.

Samantha was delighted. Her daughter had finally found a good man, and she was pleased about that.

Wade’s family was worth billions; her daughter would lead a good life with hire

Around a few thousand guests were seated on the other side of the ground. Many of the city’s familiar faces were there—William, Zayler, and Justin, among others. Even Grandmother LyndDn was at the wedding.

All the guests were happy and smiling. It was a festive day. Only one person did not enjoy the day, and that was Justin.

Justin had been in love with Lily from a very long time. How could he be happy when Lily married someone else?

Justin had tried to impress Lily at the Atlantic Street; he had lit the street with lanterns that displayed Lily’s name.

Even though Darryl had interrupted the romantic scene, it did not affect Justin’s affection for Lily.

Then, Justin was very excited when he heard that Lily had lost her memory. He thought he would have his chance with her; he was so happy that he could not sleep for two days.

However, when Justin planned to pursue Lily again, she had gotten together with Wade. His heart nearly broke when he attended Lily’s wedding.

Almost all the guests had arrived. At noon, the emcee stepped up the stage with a mic and looked at the guests.

All the guests looked at the emcee.

“Greetings, dear guests. Please put your hands together to welcome our bride and groom.” The emcee spoke loudly into the mic.

Wade and Lilly walked side by side into the mansion, accompanied by fireworks behind them.

Wade wore a white suit, and he looked extremely smart. He was so happy that he could finally marry the beautiful Lily.

However, the guests’ focus was on Lily; they were amazed.

She looked so beautiful.

All the male guests stared at Lily!

She wore a silk wedding gown that showed off her perfect bodyline. She only had some light makeup on, but her beauty could still take one’s breath away!

“Look at Donghai City’s Goddess, Lily! She looked so beautiful!”

“Yes, Wade is a lucky guy to be able to marry such a pretty wife.”

“Poor Darryl! He was their live-in son-in-law for three years, and yet he didn’t make it with Lily…”

“Shush! Are you crazy? How dare you mention him here?”

“Don’t worry” ! Darryl has been missing for so many days now. Everyone knew about that.”

A few of the wealthy male guests started to gossip softly. Their eyes were still on Lily as they spoke, and their mouths were full of saliva.

Justin, who sat beside them, felt so upset when he heard their discussion that he held his fist tightly.

Why did Wade deserve to marry Lily? Justin’s eyes were red as he yelled in his heart!

However, no one noticed him. It was the climax of the wedding—Wade and Lily held their hands together as they walked up to the altar.


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