The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 757

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 757 – He was the Sword Devil; how impressive was that! Darryl was stunned when he heard that.

Ford was also surprised that Jewel had recognized him. He smiled coldly and said, “I did not expect people would still remember me after being trapped here for almost ten years.”

Ford looked at Darryl closely. “Young man, when I used my Sword just now, I could feel the pureness of your internal energy. If is different from the Four Major Sects. Who are you?”

Darryl took a deep breath. He could sense that?

That man had intimidating power.

As he thought about it, Darryl said, “I am just a nobody.”

Just as Darryl said that, Jewel said proudly, “My master is a great man. Not only is he powerful, but he can write poems too. Even the elder from the Artemis Sect lost from him.

“He is that powerful? He could not even defend my sword,” Ford said coldly.

Darryl laughed; that was the truth. Even though the man was a cripple, he had scary power.

Ford did not want to deal with them any further; he glanced at both of them. “I will forgive you for trespassing into my area, but let me warn you, do not disturb me.”

Ford turned and left after he said that. Darryl sighed when the old man left.

Sh*t. That man was really strong; he could barely breathe after that fight.

“Jewel, you said that Ford is very powerful, so why is he trapped at such a place?” Daryl asked.

Jewel’s face was full of doubts, too; she shook her head. “I am not sure, but he is very famous. There are still a lot of rumors about him now. I am guessing he is trapped here because of his leg.”

As she spoke, Jewel’s eyes looked into the pond, ” Master, let’s grill some fish.”

Darryl nodded, and with the Blood-Drinking Sword in his hand, he jumped into the pond before he returned with a few fishes.

Jewel clapped happily and set a fire by the pond to grill them

Jewel had some salt and seasoning with her, and she could cook well too. Soon, the grilled fish’s smell covered the area, and Darryl was yep hungry.

After she was done with the first fish, Jewel gave it to Daryl with a smile. “Master, please try my cooking.”

Darryl smiled as he took the grilled fish. He took a bite, and he was impressed by the fish’s freshness. He nodded as he complimented her cooking. “Very nice, it is very nice.”

Apart from her obedience, he did not expect Jewel to be a good cook.

Jewel was delighted with the compliments. ” Master, I can grill fish for you every day or for as long as you want to eat it.

As she said that, Jewell looked behind Darryl and was shocked.

Darryl turned around to see a man behind her.

It was Ford, and he stared at the grilled fish.

“You grilled these?” Ford asked as he looked at Jewel. He got even more emotional as he walked closer to the fire. He took a deep breath, and he seemed to enjoy it.

“Nice! The grilled fish smelled nice. How interesting,” Ford said as he stared at the fish. Then he gulped as he continued to look at the food.


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