The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 754

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 754 – “Jewel! ” Darryl was stunned. He leapt towards the cliff and grabbed onto Jewel’s hand without any further thoughts.

Darryl hugged Jewel close to his chest. Then he stretched his arm to reach for anything he could slip too, but after he could feel was the slippery watts of the cliff.

‘Sh*t, Marcus, that b*****d! He pointed us to a road to our d***h! ‘

Darryl hugged Jewel tightly. He did not know the depths of the cliffs. He prayed that they would not drop to their d***h.

In the World Universe.

The Lyndon family’s home at Donghai City.

The Lyndon residence was filled with lights and decorations. The hall was packed with celebrative decorations.

Lily sat on the sofa in the living room, and she was in a great mood. Her eyes filled with happiness.

After she had spent more than a month with Wade, Lily was pleased with him. He was caring and gentle, and they would wed in two days.

“Lilybud, have you sent out the invitation? Don’t forget to inform our relatives at home too,” Samantha said as she walked down the stairs. Her face was full of happiness.

Her daughter would marry Wade soon, and she was beyond happy.

When all the sects battled the New World army, and Darryl’s background was exposed, Samantha was stunned. Then, he and Abbess Mother Serendipity had disappeared. She thought that they were d**d.

It was good that Lily had decided to marry Wade.

Lily smiled and nodded. “All the invitations had been sent, Mother. We’ve notified the relatives too.”

“The wedding must be as grand as it Could be.” Samantha nodded and smiled. “Are there other things that you have not prepared? I can help you.”

Lily thought about it and said, “Just the maid of honor.”

Lily smiled. She had many good friends, so she was unsure who she should pick suddenly, she said, “What about cousin sister Queenie? She could be my maid of honor. Why isn’t Queenie here?”

Among her cousins, Lily had the best relationship with her cousin sister. She would be her maid of honor.

Lily was puzzled; she had not seen her cousin sister for a while.

“Call her house then. You have not seen each other for a while; she would be delighted to know that you are getting married.” Samantha smiled.

So, Lily took out her cell phone and dialed Queenie’s number at home.

Soon, the call connected.

Lily smiled and spoke lightly, “Hello, Auntie, did you get my wedding invitation? I would like to invite Queenie to be my maid of honor—”

Before she could finish her sentence, a surprised voice came from the other end of the line. ” Queenie? Isn’t she at your house? She’s been gone for a few months now. I have been busy, and so I have not called her. She’s not at your house?”


Samantha’s body trembled; she was stunned when she heard that.

Lily had lost three years of her memory, so she could not remember that Queenie had been there a few months ago.

However, Samantha remembered about it. A few months ago, Queenie visited them, but she had left after that.

Samantha panicked. She took put her cell phone and started to dial Queenie’s number; however, her phone was not in service.

Meanwhile, at the Broken Tiger Cliff in the Great East Continent.

Darryl held onto Jewel as the wind blew into his ears and his body dropped down the cliff. He could see that he was almost at the bottom of the cliff. Darryl took a deep breath as his internal energy started to circulate. He hit toward the cliff wall as the vibration pushed his body to the side.

Despite that, the intense gravity force pushed

Darryl dropped backward, and his back hit the cliff. When he landed on the ground, his internal energy was exhausted, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Master! Master! Are you alright?” Jewel was worried, and she panicked. She wiped the blood off Darryl’s lips as tears continued to flow.


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