The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 753

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 753 – In the Great East Continent, everyone would travel by rickshaws. Only wealthy families could afford a car. The car they had was one of those antique cars.

Marcus drove the car that brought them out Df the city. His men followed closely behind his vehicle.

Jewel was so excited to sit in the car. Even though she had grown up in the Great East, that was the first time she was in an antique car. She was very curious about everything in the car.

“This car is extraordinary, Master.” Jewel could not stop her giggles. She stared at the steering wheel without a blink “Duly a round thing controls it, and it could move, and move so quickly.”

Jewel was too adorable.

Darryl laughed as he patted Jewel’s head. “I will buy you one, one day. You can have fun with it.”

The antique car traveled as slow as a sirial.

“I shall show you the fastest car in the World Universe when we get back there; that car is fast,’ Darryl thought.

Jewel shook her head and said tinidly, “Master, I can handle a carriage, but not a car. Next time, when you do have a car, you shall drive, and I will sit beside you and serve you.”

Darryl laughed when he heard that as he patted Jewel’s head.

Sometime later, the day had turned dark before they finally appeared in front of a mountain.

Marcus stopped the car, turned around and looked at Darryl. He smiled. “Master, I can only get you up here. After you cross this mountain, walk toward the west, and you will reach the Sword Sect.”

As he spoke, Marcus’ smile looked intimidating.

Marcus would k**l Darryl if he could, so why would he help him?

The Sword Sect was not behind the mountain.

The mountain behind them was the Broken Tiger Cliff.

The part of the mountain in front of Darryl looked even and broad, but the other side was full of steep slopes. That was why it was named Broken Tiger Cliff. As described by its name, even for a powerful tiger, it would easily drop down the mountain with no chance of survival.

One could say that the road was the road to one’s d***h.

It was late at night, so one’s vision would be impaired. As long as Darryl continued to climb past the two mountains, he would definitely fall into the ravine as he would not be able to see clearly.

ND matter how pDwerful he was, his body wDuld break intD pieces.

‘Whoever dared to take advantage of my fiance would just have to fall to their d***h.’ Marcus felt delighted as he thought of that.

“You shoulld return home then.” Darryl got down from the car. He held Jewel’s hand and walked toward the rnDlmt

When Darryl and Jewel’s shadow disappeared into the woods in the darkness, Marcus smiled coldly and waved his hand. “Come, let’s Go.”

After he spoke, he drove off quickly and led his men home.

Darryl and Jewel walked through the winding road as they headed towards the mountain. Darryl noticed that the mountain had no tracks at all, everywhere was only bushes; it was apparent that no one had been there.


‘Did Marcus lead me to the wrong road on purpose?’

Darryl thought in his heart.

At that moment, Jewel looked around her and found no signs of any human; she started to get afraid. She grabbed Darryl’s arm tightly and said, “Will there be any wild animals here, Master?”

Darryl laughed and joked, “There might be, I think. The beasts here feed to human flesh. Are you scared?”

Jewel kept quiet for a while and replied undoubtedly, “I am not afraid. I will protect the Master.”

At that moment, Darryl tried to look for a while get down from the mountain. However, it was too dark, and he could not see clearly.

At that very moment, Jewel missed her step. She screamed as she lost balance and started to fall off the cliff!


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