The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 752

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 752 – As she spoke, Cheryl looked at Darryl, and then at Jewel. “The Mysterious Canyon is full of danger. Master, you only have a servant girl with you. You would not be able to pass through the canyon with your current ability.”

Sh*t! That Mysterious Canyon was that dangerous?

As he thought about it, Darryl took a deep breath and said firmly, “You do not need to mind whether I would succeed in going past the canyon. You just need to tell me the way to the Mysterious Canyon.”

No matter how difficult it was, he would still need to go. He could not be trapped there forever.

Jewel grabbed Darryl’s arm tightly as she said determinedly, ” No matter where you go, I would follow you. I am not afraid, no matter how difficult it is.”

Cheryl was stunned. Then, she smiled bitterly. ” Master, even if I tell you the way to the Mysterious Canyon, you would not be able to get there. The Mysterious Canyon entrance is located at the hill behind the Sword Sect.

Cheryl looked fearful as she said, “The part of that land is the Sword Sect’s forbidden area. The security is tight, and one would need the Sword Sect’s approval to enter there.”

Darryl kept his silence; he was frustrated.

‘Sh*t, how could it be so difficult to leave this place?

The next second, Darryl looked at Cheryl seriously. ” My good disciple, please help me find a way, and I would compose three songs for you.”

“Really?” As she spoke, Cheryl’s face lit up.

She had only wanted two new songs, but her master had offered her an extra piece. What a great temptation!

When Darryl nodded, Cheryl bit her lips and started to think Soon, she had an idea. She clapped her hands happily. “I have an idea. My fiancé is Marcus Lyod, and his family might have some connections with the Sword Sect. With their recommendation, you should be able to enter the Sword Sect.”

As she spoke, she went downstairs in her stilettos. Soon, Cheryl returned with Marcus.

Marcus’s face looked terrible; he did not want to recommend Darryl to the Sword Sect!

Marcus had failed to assassinate Darry the night before that, and he had begged for forgiveness and promised not to repeat that. However, deep in his heart, his hatred toward the man had gotten even deeper.

Darryl had taken all the credit for his fiancée’s performance that night, and he had defeated an elder from the Artemis Sect in poems. His fiancée was even more impressed with him. Marcus was so jealous when he saw that.

Under those circumstances, how would Marcus want to help Darryl?

Marcus’ face looked complicated at that moment, but he said to Cheryl, “My dear, this is not an easy task. Even though my family has a good relationship with the Sword Sect, the place that your master wanted to go is the sect’s forbidden area.”

Cheryl was not happy; she stomped her feet. “I don’ t care. You must find a way for my master.”

She must help her master for the sake of the three songs.

Marcus smiled painfully, but he nodded. “Fine.”

As he spoke, he took a letter and a pen. He wrote a letter of recommendation and handed it to Darryl.

“Master, when you reach there, tell them that you are a relative of the Lyod family, they should be able to let you into the compound,” Marcus said.

Then he continued to say, I’ll get some people to accompany you out of the city, Master.”

“Great, thank you for your help.” Darryl smiled.

After that, Darryl honored his words; he composed three new songs for Cheryl.

In the evening, Marcus gathered a small troop to usher Darryl and Jewel as they embarked on their journey.

As they bid farewell to each other, Cheryl held Darryl’s hand; she was reluctant to let go. “Master, please be careful if you do decide to enter the Mysterious Canyon. Please return quickly, and I will miss you.”

Darryl smiled. “Don’t worry; I am just checking it out as I am curious. I will be back soon.”

” It’s getting late. We should get going, Master.” Marcus was impatient. He spoke politely, but he was furious.


He was furious when Darryl held his fiancée’s hand.

Darryl nodded as he held onto Jewel and boarded the car Marcus had prepared for them.


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