The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 751

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 751 – However, that would tarnish her husband’s and her reputation. No matter what, there were too many people there. All of them were the rich and famous, and the press was there also.

Since they had lost, she would have to admit it.

“My good disciple. You may rise now. ” Darryl was delighted, he stood up slowly and walked toward Summer. Then he patted her head.

Darryl’s action caused Summer to blush.

Darryl laughed and said to Cheryl, “Aren’t I nice to you? I have found you a g*d sister. Call me your master.”

“Very well, Master. ” Cheryl had just gathered her thoughts. She did not blink as she looked at Darryl; she had started to admire him.

Everyone knew that Summer was famous for her talent, and she had become Cheryl’s g*d sister.

Cheryl had never dared to dream about that. Bang!

When he saw his wife bow to Darryl and addressed him as her master, Simon was furious. Then, he fainted.

“Elder Crescent had fainted! ”

The hall turned chaotic; everyone wanted to gather around the elder.

Darryl did not panic. He stood up slowly and brought Jewel back to the second floor. He knew that Simon had fainted due to his anger; it was nothing life-threatening.

He had helped Cheryl complete her new single’s premiere; it was time for him to leave. The most important thing was to get back to the New World!

Back in the room, Jewel had finished packing her stuff as Cheryl walked in excitedly.

Cheryl was in her stilettos as she walked toward Darryl. She said excitedly, “Master, can you compose two more songs for me?”

Her new single had a great response. If she were to release two more singles, she would be famous throughout the Great Eas Continent.

Cheryl admired Darryl deeply. He could compose songs and write poems; she had met the right master. The elders from the Artemis Sect were nothing as compared to her master.

Darryl smiled and said, “I can compose another song for you, but you will need to help me with something.”

“Sure, what do you want me to do? Please, tell me. I will agree to anything as long as I could do it,” Cheryl replied without any hesitation.

Daryl smiled. Anything?”

Darryl glared at Cheryl as he spoke.

Cheryl had dressed up attractively for the show that night. Her body-hugging black cheongsam showed off her flawless body figure perfectly.

It was an eye feast to enjoy the view from up-close.

Cheryl blushed when she noticed Darryl’s eyes on her.

‘Is he thinking about a lewd request?’ Cheryl thought.

Just as Cheryl’s thoughts had gone wild, Darryl stopped smiling and turned serious. “I am planning to leave; I want to go to the New World. Do you have any way to do that?”

Cheryl was a famous person, and she had a lot of connections. She should have a way to do that.


He wanted to go back to the New World?

Cheryl was stunned; she stared at Darryl. After a few seconds, she asked, “Master, why do you want to go to the New World?”

“That is not for you to know. Just tell me how to get there,” Darryl replied without hesitation.

Cheryl sighed silently and said, “Master, I would not be able to help with that.”

“Why?” Darryl asked worriedly.

Cheryl bit her lips and said softly, “Perhaps you didn’t know, Master. There is a canyon that separates our Great East Continent from other parts of the world. The name of this canyon is the Mysterious Canyon.”

‘The Mysterious Canyon?’ Darryl mumbled in his heart.

Cheryl sighed and said, “The Mysterious Canyon is hundreds of thousands of feet long, and a hundred feet wide. It is covered in a thick fog all the time, and full of danger from within it. There are also great beasts, poisonous bugs, and swamp areas. One would never be able to return if one fell into that side.

After a short pause, Cheryl continued to say, “For hundreds and thousands of years, countless elite people had attempted to go through the Mysterious Canyon, but none of them had ever succeeded.”


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