The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 746

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 746 – Everyone in the hall focused their attention on Cheryl. She was completely the center of their attention.

Many of the men gawked at her.

Darryl was stunned too, but he admired her discreetly.

Cheryl desemed to be famous, she was ver charming.

She wore a black cheongsam, and it showed off her graceful curves perfectly.

Her flawless face had light makeup and she looked gorgeous.

The reporters were in a frenzy, they took pictures continuously.

“Thank you for joining us. Thank you…”

“Now, I will sing a new song. I hope everyone will like it,” Cheryl said softly.

The audience was excited; their faces were filled with expectations.

When it had finally quieted down, the music played. Cheryl smiled and looked at the audience as she sang softly. “Sweet honey, you smile so sweetly. It seems like flowers are blooming in the spring breeze…”

A soft and ethereal voice sung as the beautiful melody echoed throughout the hall.


It sounded very nice.

Suddenly, the audience cheered; everyone was impressed by her singing!

The catchy melody was unforgettable! The song should be well received by the public!

Everyone was immersed in the song. After a few minutes, Cheryl had finally finished with the song; she flashed a big smile at the audience. She looked very charming.

“It sounds good. So good!” “Fantastic!”

The audience cheered and gave Cheryl thunderous applause.

Cheryl was delighted. Her performance was perfect and the outcome was even better than what she had expected.

Cheryl gazed gratefully at Daryl.

A figure stood up at the VIP table and exclaimed, ” Such a moving piece, such beautiful lyrics. Miss Marks, who wrote this piece for you?”

The person who spoke was Simon from the Artemis Sect.

Before Cheryl could respond, Simon announced proudly, “Let me guess, this person must be from the Artemis Sect, am I right?”

Who else could have written such an elegant song? Many people around agreed with him.

“Well, they must be from the Artemis Sect.”

“Who else could have come up with this wonderful tune?”

Compliments continued to pour. Everyone tried their best to praise Simon’s sect.

Every city in the Great East Continent was managed by one of the four major sects, and the Artemis Sect controlled more than 30 cities. As an elder from the Artemis Sect, Simon was a highly respected man.

Who would dare to go against what Simon had said? Cheryl smiled awkwardly as she looked at Simon.

She said, “Elder Crescent, this song was not written by anyone from the Artemis Sect.”

Then she nodded politely at Darryl. “This song is written by my master. I would like to thank my master for writing such a wonderful song for me. Master, can you come up to the stage?”


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