The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 729

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 729 – Obedient Amulet?

Darryl was interested. “What is an Obedient Amulet?”

Samuel laughed and said, “Sect Master Darby, these two Obedient Amulets are something very useful. You just need to stick the amulet on the person’s body and they will be obedient to you. Its effect can last for ten minutes!”

Samuel had stayed at Level Five Master General for a long time and did not manage to make a breakthrough so far. It was his dream to get the Godly Pill!

In truth, the two Obedient Amulets and Wonder Travel Amulet were all he had.

The two Obedient Amulets sounded interesting as Darryl laughed. “Fine, I shall exchange with you.”


‘Brother Darryl agrees to the exchange?’

Levin’s face changed as he softly said, “Brother Darryl, could this Priest be lying?”

Darryl waved his hand. The Old Priest was only a Master General. He would not dare cheat the Elysium Gate Master unless he did not want to live.

Samuel was really excited and quickly stepped forward to hand over the three amulets.

Darryl also walked over with a Godly Pill.

Samuel then happily thanked him and immediately left.

After he left, Levin could not help but asked, “Sect Master, the three amulets are rare but it’s quite a waste to exchange a Godly Pill for them.”

Darryl laughed. In other people’s viewpoint, his actions of exchanging three amulets with a Godly was a big loss.

No matter what, the Godly Pill was the dream elixir of all cultivators.

However, in Darryl’s opinion, he did suffer a loss as producing the Godly Pill was a relaxing task.

Levin did not speak further.

At that time, Darryl put the three amulets into his clothes and ordered, “Levin, please send my orders to Elysium Gate disciples. We must locate Yumi.

Keep her at the Elysium Gate Main Altar once she’s found!”

Darryl then left the Elysium Gate Main Altar.

The next most important thing was to rush to the New World. Dax would not be able to join them as his wife had suffered a serious injury and he needed to take care of Nancy.

As such, Darryl headed toward Donghai City to meet Chester before embarking on their journey.


A sailboat was moving on its own in the middle of the sea.

There were two people on the boat—Donoghue and Yumi.

After their sessions, Donoghue put on his clothes and lit a cigarette from his pocket before taking a deep breath.

Not far away, Yumi was crying while looking at Donoghue with k*****g intent.

She was raped by him.

Donoghue finished his cigarette and threw the bud into the sea before walking over to Yumi and lifted her chin with his finger. “Beauty, don’t look at me like that. This is still very far from the New World and the journey is still very long. We need to rely on each other, haha.”

Darryl’s sister-in-law was indeed really s**y. What they had just now was really memorable.

“Go! Go away!” Yumi clenched her teeth with eyes full of anger.

Yumi wanted to slice Donoghue into pieces.

“You want me to leave? Not only I won’t leave, but I’ll also torture you every day.” An evil glimmer could be seen in Donoghue’s eyes as he gave Yumi a big slap!


Donoghue used his full strength when he slapped Yumi who then shouted in pain. A bright red mark appeared on her face.

“Y-you’ll soon be d**d!” Yumi was furious and upset as she shouted at Donoghue.

“Haha, I’ll be d**d? One day, I’ll make sure everyone in the Darby family dies!” Donoghue laughed coldly. “Let me tell you, Darryl’s sister-in- law. You’re sent to me by G*d for redemption.


As he spoke, Donoghue went forward one more time and gave a few tight continuous slaps.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Each slap could be heard loud and clear.


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