The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 728

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 728 – Darryl waved his hand as he spoke, “You may go now.”

However, Samuel did not move at all. He instead smiled and said, “Sect Master, you have misunderstood me. I am a freethinker and never have the intention to join any sects.”


He wanted the Godly Pill but did not want to join Elysium Gate?

Darryl furrowed his brow from displeasure. Levin who was standing beside Darryl scolded, “

Hey, Priest. Are you teasing us? The Sect Master will award you with a Godly Pill if you joined the Elysium Gate. You do not wish to join any sect but you want a Godly Pill. Are you crazy? Leave…”

Levin walked forward to chase him away as he spoke.

Samuel was not nervous at all as he shouted towards Darryl, “Sect Master Darby, I won’t just take your Godly Pill for free. I’ll exchange something with you in return.”

“I am born with a free soul and do not wish to join any sect. I am here today to ask for a Godly Pill to help me make a breakthrough into the Martial Marquis level. I’ll have no regrets if I could reach the Martial Marquis level. I offer this in exchange for your Godly Pill.”

The Priest reached out his wrist as he spoke and an amulet appeared in his hand.

The amulet was shining softly.

Darryl was stunned when he saw that and asked, “ Did you generate the amulet yourself?”

Darryl looked closely at Samuel as he spoke.

There were many types of cultivation for example— elixir production, amulets production, weapons production, and many others.

The most commonly seen were those that produced elixirs. On the other hand, the ones that produced amulets or weapons were rare.

Samuel smiled and shook his head. “I do not have the capabilities to produce amulets. This amulet was passed down to me by my ancestors.”

Darryl was curious. “Please tell me what the amulet does and why do you think you can trade it for a Godly Pill?”

The Godly Pill may not be worth much to Darryl, but it was even cultivator’s dream to have one.

Samuel smiled and looked at Darryl. “Sect Master Darryl, this amulet is called the Wonder Travel Amulet. You can channel your internal energy into the amulet when in danger and it’ll send you away. This amulet could save your life when you’re in danger.”

Samuel then continued, “I’m unsure if my amulet is worth trading a Godly Pill.”


Darryl squeezed his brows and said, “I just need to channel my internal energy into the amulet and it’ll send me away when I’m in danger?”

“That’s right.” Samuel nodded.

“Where will it send you to?” Darryl asked.

Samuel touched his chin and said, “I’m not sure. The world is so vast that it can send you anywhere. It could perhaps send you to any part of the world.”

Send anywhere?

Darryl laughed and thought, ’What if I’m in danger and channeled all my internal energy into the amulet only to be sent to the middle of the sea? Or perhaps sent me thousands of meters up in the sky.

At that time, I’ll d*e from the fall instead.’

The world was so vast with countless dangerous places. There was a high possibility one could be sent to a dangerous place instead.

“That’s fine, I don’t want your amulet.”

Darryl already had the Celestial Silkworm Armor on top of his powers as a Martial Saint. It was a slim chance for him to be in danger, hence he did not need the amulet.

Samuel then flipped his hand again and revealed two more amulets. “Sect Master Darby, what if I add-on another two Obedient Amulets? I just want a Godly Pill.”


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