The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 727

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 727 – Rachel stomped her feet and said, “Father, I’ve told you many times that I’ll never marry Darryl. The person I like is Ewan.”

She then turned and ran away.

News about Darryl’s battle against the New World Army at Donghai City had spread to the whole society.

Although Rachel had also heard of it, her heart could never like him no matter how capable Darryl was as she just did not like him.


Zoran was angry, but could not do anything in front of Darryl’s parents.

“My daughter is stubborn, but her heart is kind. I apologize that you had to see that.” Zoran laughed awkwardly at Daniel.

Daniel nodded. “That’s alright, young people all have the same characters.”

Rachel upsettingly ran out of the door and looked blankly into the sky.

She could not understand why her father wanted her to marry Darryl.

It looked like Darryl’s parents would be staying there for a long period of time.

No, she could not stay there anymore.

She reached out to her cellphone and dialed Ewan’s number with that train of thought. “Ewan, please take me away…”

Meanwhile, at the Elysium Gate Main Altar.

Darryl sat there feeling annoyed.

Darryl had just ordered Zephyr and the rest to look for Yumi.

It had been three hours and there was still no news. “Sect Master!”

Just at that moment, an Elysium Gate disciple rushed in and politely said, “Sect Master, there’s a Priest outside wanting to meet you.”

’A Priest?

’From Wudang Sect?’

Darryl waved his hand as he thought. “Let him in.”

The disciple went out again and returned with a Priest beside him.

The Old Priest was very skinny and weak. His robe was old yet clean and he was holding a Buddhist whisk.

It was obvious he was a priest who ventured around society.

Once the Priest stepped closer, he slightly bowed and said, “Greetings to Elysium Gate Sect Master, I am Samuel Hyde.”

He sounded polite.

Darryl looked at him and asked, “Samuel, what do you want from me?”

Darryl could clearly feel that Samuel was only a Level Five Master General. His power was not high, but his energy was admirable.

“I hear the Elysium Gate Sect Master is very generous. Anyone that joins the Elysium Gate will be awarded an elixir. I also heard the Sect Master has a lot of Godly Pills.” Priest Samuel then smiled and slowly said, “I am here to ask for the Godly Pill.”

Darryl looked at him and lightly said, “I see. You can head toward the registration area and once you’ve joined Elysium Gate, I shall grant you a Godly Pill.


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