The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 725

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 725 – “Let go!” Darryl coldly said.

Darryl smelt a nice scent while being tightly hugged, but the anger was still burning in his heart.

“Let go! You don’t have to speak anymore. We’ll never be able to return as before.” Darryl said strongly before pushing Megan away.

After he spoke, Darryl turned and left.

“Brother…” Megan was disappointed. “Dear Brother, I kneel and apologize to you. Please.”

“No, thank you.”

Darryl turned and left without turning back after he spoke.

Meanwhile, on the shores of Donghai City.

In the darkness, a woman with an alluring body was walking along the beach. Her unique face was filled with fear.

It was Yumi.

Yumi initially planned to stay with the Darby family for a longer time and wait for Florian to settle down in the New World before meeting him.

However, she could not resist the allure once she saw the Supreme Mystery Scripture. She had nowhere to go at the moment with her only option was to take the risk and travel toward the New World.

Yumi mumbled as she walked, “Florian, you’re lucky to have married me. You’ll be so happy when I find you at the New World and pass the seven scriptures volumes to you.”

Yumi held the seven scriptures tightly and was beyond excited. There was a rumor saying that one who gathered all seven scriptures would be able to rule the world!

While she was excited, she was also puzzled about journeying to the New World. She had heard there was the Sea of D***h between the World Universe and the New World with nothing able to float on it—not even a leaf. What should she do?

Yumi was still thinking and suddenly smiled as walked faster ahead.

She saw there were some sailboats not far from the shore. The sailboats were left behind by the New World Army when they retreated.

200,000 army troopers came, but only several ten thousand remained when they returned, hence there were many unused sailboats abandoned at the shores.

All the sailboats were specially made by the New World Emperor. It was unsure what materials were used, but it could cross the Sea of D***h.

Yumi tightly held the scriptures before picking the largest boat and jumped into it.

Once she was on board, she heard a man’s voice behind her.

“You want to head over to the New World?”

Yumi was startled upon hearing the voice. She turned and was stunned.

There was a handsome twenty-odd-year-old man dressed completely in black who stood quietly behind her.

“W-who are you?” Yumi was in shock and trembled as she asked.

The man smiled. “Beauty, don’t worry. For you to jump onto this boat, are you perhaps heading to the New World? I’m also heading there. Shall we go together?”

Darryl would have been shocked if he saw the man. The man was none other than Donoghue Dixon, the Dixon family’s young master who escaped when his family was destroyed.

That was right. He was the person who bought a lot of presents for Lily and also the one that had Dax stabbed thirty-six times!

Ever since the Dixon family was destroyed, Donoghue had been wandering around while upgrading his powers and planning to seek Darryl for revenge at Donghai City. However, he had not expected Darryl to be so powerful now.

After some debate, Donoghue decided to postpone his revenge and head to the New World for further training before returning to Donghai City.

He met Yumi when he had decided to head to the New World, hence he approached her to see if they could travel together.

However, Yumi was too worried and hugged the seven scriptures even more tightly. She thought Donoghue was a petty thief with bad intentions and coldly replied, “I’ll not travel with you. Get lost! Let me warn you, I’m from Donghai City’s Darby family so don’t you even dare to do anything funny.

Otherwise, I’ll get someone to k**l you.”

In Yumi’s opinion, the Darby family was the city’s top family and anyone including that person would tremble in fear once she mentioned that.

Donoghue’s face turned dark upon hearing her words!

‘The Darby family?’


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