The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 724

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 724 – Dax gathered his thoughts, quickly carried Nancy, and rushed out the door.

“Dear, you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.”

After he left, everyone could still hear Dax’s cries from afar.

Chester’s eyes turned completely red as he looked at Darryl and coldly said, “Darryl, this must have been done by someone in the Darby family. Did you notice just now that Nancy’s hand was holding on to a piece of cloth? That was the same cloth she used to wrap the Supreme Mystery Scripture.” Chester had calmed down at that moment as he started looking around.

He was right. The Supreme Mystery Scripture was gone…

Darryl’s body shivered as someone appeared in his mind!


That’s right. In the entire Darby family, she would be the only one who would do such heinous acts.

Darryl rushed out of the room with that thought in mind.


He kicked open Yumi’s room only to discover that the room was empty and Yumi was nowhere to be seen.

The room was a mess! Yumi’s clothes and pants were all over the floor with some of her jewelry scattered on the floor too.

It was obvious that Yumi had run away in a hurry.

“Sh*t Yumi!”

Darryl held his fist tightly and hit the wall. He was furious!

There was no need to think further, it must be Yumi. It was her!

“Yumi, I’ll find you no matter where you run to.” Darryl roared as he left with his eyes completely red.

Just as he walked out of the mansion, he saw a beautiful shadow walking towards him.

It was Megan!

Megan’s hand was holding onto a piece of clothing that was shining under the moonlight. It was Darryl’ s Celestial Silkworm Armor.

Abbess Mother Serendipity had handed Megan the armor to return to Darryl earlier.

She had misunderstood Darryl earlier and Abbess Mother Serendipity did not want to take further advantage of Darryl. At the same time, she was too prideful to personally return the armor to him.


Megan happily called and walked over as she bit her lips and softly said, “My good brother, Master has asked me to return you the armor.”

Megan handed over the Celestial Silkworm Armor as she spoke.

Darryl took the armor before turning and left as he did not wish to speak

“My good brother…” Megan worriedly followed him and said, “Dear Brother, are you still angry at me? I know I’m wrong. Please forgive me.”

Darryl did not even look at her and coldly said, “Leave, I don’t want to speak with you.”

She knew she was wrong? What was the point now?

Would Chester’s wife return alive? Darryl’s heart ached the moment he thought of Megan k*****g Chester’s wife at the Eternal Life Island.

There was no remedy to that and he would never forgive her his whole life!

Feeling Darryl’s coldness, Megan added, “Dear Brother, I know I was wrong and treated you badly. I abducted your parents to the Wishing Star Tower and treated them without respect. I know I’m wrong. Why don’t I apologize to them a few days later? Is that alright?”

Megan’s eyes were full of hope as she spoke.

After the New World Army retreated from the battle at the Wishing Star Tower, the Elysium Gate disciples had sent Darryl’s parents to the Carter family.

All of the sects were present, Megan also knew it and felt so regretful. She hoped for Darryl’s forgiveness.

As long as he could forgive her, she would immediately go over to the Carter family and apologize to his parents.

“Dear Brother, please forgive me.” Megan did not know what else to do. She walked closer and hugged Darryl.

She hugged him tightly and stuck her red lips on Darryl’s ear as she softly begged, “Dear Brother, I beg you. Please don’t be angry…”


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