The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 720

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 720 – At that moment, Darryl looked at the scripture and gently said, “I know. The scripture must’ve belonged to the Hexad School Principal, Graham Potter.”

Darryl sighed as he spoke. Graham had died in the Wishing Star Tower battle.

Chester added, “Sigh, Principal Graham was truly a hero. His sacrifice at the battle was such a waste.”

Chester touched his body and took out another scripture as he spoke, “Darryl, I’ve another one too. It was found at Leroy’s secret vault when we destroyed the Kunlun Sect.”


’Chester had another volume?’

Darryl was stunned by the excitement. “Haha, I have a surprise too.”

It took a second for Darryl to gather his thoughts before he started laughing. He also took out a few scriptures from his body and Chester was stunned as he counted those scriptures. Darryl had five volumes with him?

That was right, Darryl had five volumes!

The first volume was a gift from Zion when he placed first place at the Lion Slaughter Conference. The scripture was then stolen by Megan, but he retrieved it at Sara’s birthday.

The second and third volumes were brought by the Cult Mistress when she left Elysian Island. Monica had handed him both scriptures after she woke up from her injuries in the hospital.

The last two volumes had just been given by Fuyao Palace’s Little Fairy.

There were already five volumes in Darryl’s hands.

Adding the one belonging to Graham and the other one from Leroy…

Dax and Chester looked at each other at that moment and were stunned.

Nancy who was beside them felt her knees weakened as she softly said, “There are seven volumes with that, and hence the scripture is now complete?”

Chester could not wait and hurriedly said, “Let’s hurry up and see what’s the secret within these seven volumes.”

Once he spoke, the three brothers fully focused on the seven scriptures as they kept flipping through the pages.

After half  an hour, the three brothers were in shock as there was nothing special at all in the seven scriptures.

“Sh*t! The rumors about ’one who gathered all seven scriptures and understood the secret within could control the world’ are just a hoax!” Dax impatiently said as he stood up with furrowed brows.

Nancy smiled and held Dax’s hand. “Dear, why are you so impatient? Look at the patience of brother Chester and Darryl. You need to research carefully and perhaps then you can figure it out…”

“Alright.” Dax waved his hands. Although Dax had a bad temper, he would always listen to his wife as he loved Nancy very much.

Dax had always been rough and careless. He wanted to sit and read the scripture but ended up knocking a glass of tea.


The tea splashed on the scripture and caused it to be wet.

“Dear.” Nancy softly pinched him. “Look at what you’ve done…”

Nancy paused as she spoke.

At that moment, Nancy emotionally shouted, “ Look, the scripture is changing!”

A picture appeared on the scripture’s damped cover. If was initially rather blurry but gradually became clearer.


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