The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 714

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 714 – At the other end.

In a wide sea, a few hundred large ships were sailing silently.

It was the New World Army’s ship returning to the New World.

The army numbered 20,000 when they first came to a****k the World Universe, but there were less than 10,000 left at that moment. They had suffered a terrible loss!

In one  of those sailboats, Florian stood quietly on deck with a relaxed appearance.

Florian had since caught up with the New World Army’s ships after leaving the Wishing Star Tower. He had met the female Commander-in-chief Sloan and explained his surrender to join the New World.

Sloan initially doubted Florian’s sincerity as Darryl had previously done such.

However, she believed him when she saw those two hostages Florian brought along.

Both hostages were Darryl’s women—Yvonne and Monica.

New World’s defeat was all because of Darryl.

All of them hated Darryl to d***h regardless of the Commander-in-chief Sloan or the New World Warriors!

As such, she no longer doubted his sincerity when Sloan saw Florian had abducted Darryl’s women. In addition, Sloan felt that Florian was talented for reaching the Martial Marquis at such a young age hence she accepted him.

Furthermore, Florian would know everything about their society since he was a person from the World Universe. They needed more people like Florian.

At that moment, Florian stood on the deck and took out his cellphone. He quickly dialed Yumi’s number upon noticing the signal was getting weaker.

The call soon connected.

“Dear, how are matters going on at your end? Did they doubt you?” Florian immediately asked when the call connected.

Florian was still worried about Yumi although he had taken all the blame.

Yumi squeezed her brows at the other end of the line and impatiently said, “How dare you ask me?!

This entire issue was due to your pregency. Marrying someone like you was my misfortune!”

Yumi sighed and continued, “Now all the sects had left along with those families. For the time being, they did not suspect or distrust me.”


Florian sighed in relief when he heard that. “That’s great. I’m now with the New World Army heading to the New World. I’ll come to bring you over once I’ve settled down at the New World. We can then live a wonderful life in the New World. Dear, who knows I might even get a good position here. By that time, I’ll bring you over here and assign a few hundred servants to serve you.”

Florian had nothing good but his mouth which was always trying to please his wife.

What woman would be able to handle his sweet?

Although she knew Florian was good for nothing and only caused trouble all the time, Yumi still loved him with all her heart and was truly happy at that moment. However, she then warned him, “ Florian, let me warn you. You cannot touch that Cult Mistress and Yvonne. You must immediately get rid of your terrible lust!”

She knew her husband too well as he would not be able to control himself when seeing beautiful women.


Florian smiled and answered, “Don’t worry. Dear, how could I have feelings for other women when you’re so beautiful. I’m arriving in the New World soon and the signal is getting bad, bye.”

“You…” Yumi wanted to speak but the call had been disconnected.


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