The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 707

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 707 – “Fuyao Palace is here…”

All the major sects looked at the situation blindly as they broke into discussions.

Many men turned their focus on the Seven Fairies; they were simply irresistible.

All the seven Palace Masters had unique facial features, s**y bodies, and they also had their own advantages. Everyone could not resist the temptation to look at them as they stood there.

They were pretty, alluring, and s**y. Even the best words in the world were inadequate to describe them!

“Darryl, we are here to help you.” Little Fairy smiled and looked at Darryl as she arrived in front of him.

Darryl’s parting words when he left Fuyao Palace had left a lasting impression in the fairies’ heart.

He said that if a martial art practitioner could not connect with the world, then what was the point to their excellent martial arts skills?

Hence, after Darryl left, the fairies decided to lead the Fuyao Palace disciples to defend Donghai City. Darryl smiled and said, “Thank you, my little wife.” “You— ”

Little Fairy blushed.

Darryl was severely injured, but he still wanted to flirt with her.

“I guess your injuries are nothing major,” Little Fairy said as she blushed. She looked so beautiful.

At that moment, the New World army was in chaos. They looked gloomy when they realized that tens of thousands people from the Fuyao Palace were there to defend the city.

Sloan’s face looked cold as she stood on the stage.

They had almost defeated Donghai City, and another sect had arrived to defend it.

Sloan glanced at the Seven Fairies furiously.

There were seven ladies, and Darryl had called six of them his wives.

It seemed that Darryl had lied to her when he was at the camp.

“Little Wife, hurry! Capture Sloan first!” Darryl shouted loudly. He knew that he would need to capture the leader first to control the enemy.

Things would be much easier once they caught Solan.

“Don’t call me your wife ever again!” Little Fairy stared at Darryl as she said that coldly.

She was embarrassed that he had called her his wife in front of so many people.

Despite that, Little Fairy rose and charged toward Sloan with the long belt in her hand.

“Little Fairy, we will help you too!”

The rest of the sisters followed closely behind. Seven shadows immediately appeared and surrounded Sloan.

“Very good…”

Sloan laughed when she saw the Seven Fairies. There was no emotion on her face. “Since you are all sisters, then you will not regret d***g here— together! ”


Sloan’s body released some scary energy after she said that. The air seemed to have frozen.

It was the breath of a Level three Martial Emperor— how intimidating and stressful!

“Ring!” A sword appeared on Sloan’s hand, accompanied by a clear ring.

The sword was about three feet and three inches long, and it was as wide as two fingers. It was shiny too!

It was the Tang Sword!

The was an ancient sword, and it was an extremely rare find. It was uncommon for one to use such an unpopular army weapon.

Army weapons were categorized into seven levels— red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Sloan’s sword was an indigo level weapon.

Once she took the sword out, the surrounding temperature immediately fell.

Everyone from the World Universe was worried for the Seven Fairies.

Even though they were Master Saints, it was still challenging to go against a Master Emperor.


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