The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 693

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 693 – “We’ll keep our voice down and not disturb the other soldiers.” Darryl smiled as he made that promise.

Sloan nodded and left the tent with the Black and White Cavaliers.

Those fairies blushed! They glared at Darryl as he had embarrassed them.

“My darlings, why are you all staring at me?.” Darryl laughed. “The commander reminded us to be quiet at night—”

“Darryl!” The fairies were embarrassed and angry. Wendy bit her lip and asked, “When are you going to release us?”

Darryl was amused to see them so angry. He smiled and said, “I can let you all go, but you must promise me to get Fuyao Palace to help defend Donghai City.

The fairies glanced at each other. The third fairy, Natalia, nodded and said, “Okay, we shall promise you. Relieve our acupoints now and let us restore our internal energy.”

“Very well!” Darryl was overjoyed. If Fuyao Palace could help them in the fight against the New World Continent, then it was great news, indeed!

Darryl raised his hand and tapped on the six fairies’ acupoints to relieve them.

Once their acupoints were relieved, six gushes of powerful internal energy built in their bodies!

Without any warning, Natalia took a step forward, stretched out her hand and sealed Darryl’s acupoint!

Darryl had no time to react; his body immediately stiffened. He looked at Natalia in shock and anger. ” You—”

“A b*****d like you has no right to negotiate terms with us!” Wendy said coldly, “You can keep dreaming about us defending Donghai City.”

Natalia raised her hand and knocked Darryl out cold before she took the token from him. With that token, they would be able to cross the camp’s enchanted barriers.

They had pretended to agree to Darryl’s request; it was only a stopgap measure. Fuyao Palace was no longer interested in the world’s affairs. How could they possibly help to defend Donghai City? Even if the World Universe was destroyed, it would have nothing to do with Fuyao Palace!

“Third Sister!” Little Fairy was anxious as she looked at Natalia. “Third Sister, we have agreed to Darryl’s plea. It woald not be good if we were to go back on our words—”

“What’s wrong with that? We live our lives in reclusion, it is absolutely impossible for us to support Donghai City.” Natalie refuted irritably as she kicked Darryl. “This b*****d takes advantage of us. We’ll bring him back to Fuyao Palace and punish him.”

Natalia grabbed Darryl and walked out of the camp. The other sisters also followed closely behind her.

They took advantage of the dark night; those sisters took Darryl and used his token to leave the camp. Then, they returned to Fuyao Palace.

On the other side, Sloan sat in her military tent. She was in meditation.

She was currently at Level Three Martial Emperor.

She was alone in her military tent, and she was in her armor. She sat upright; her figure stood tall and proud.


A soldier ran in and knelt with a plop. “Commander, good news! Great news! ”

Sloan cracked her red lips slightly and muttered, ” Tell me.”

The soldier was extremely excited as he said, ” Commander, the World Universe’s martial sects are k*****g each other! We heard that the Elysium Gate disciples and the other sects are fighting one another!”

“Huh?” Sloan slowly opened her eyes. “Is this news accurate?”

“Yes, it is!” The soldier nodded resolutely.

In order to save Darryl’s parents, Zephyr had led the Elysium Gate disciples to fight against the other martial sects. The battle had lasted for half an hour.

“very well!” Sloan laughed and said, “Hear my command! All soldiers are to set out to the Wishing Star Tower! Take advantage of their messy situation and k**l them all! Take Donghai City down in one fell swoop!”

“Yes, Commander!”

The soldier was excited when he heard that. Then, he walked out of the military tent quickly.


A few seconds later, the New World camp beat on their drums of war! An army of 200,000 set out toward the Wishing Star Tower!


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