The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 69

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 69 – ’Was this a coincidence, or does this live-in son-in- law truly know his stuff?’ the guests thought.

Darryl smiled slightly and nodded at Abby. “That’s right. Even though that eight-diagram mirror is a nice antique, it’s clashing with the villa’s Feng Shui. That’s why President Guy fainted. No matter how great Miss Sullivan’s medical skills were, she wouldn’t have been able to cure her.”

These words made Shelly lower her head. At first, she looked down on Darryl, but it turned out that he was truly a capable man. Moreover, she did not cure Abby. Darryl’s words humbled her.

While Darryl was talking, he was also silently checking out Abby.

Even though this woman was over 3° years old, she still took great care of her appearance. At first glance, she barely looks zo. She has a fantastic figure and incomparable sensuality and attractiveness.

’Abby and Brandon, this pair of siblings, do not seem to be ordinary people. They had a very powerful aura! Unless this pair of siblings are cultivators? Or students belonging to a sect?’ Daryl thought.

Abby furrowed her brows. “Mister Darryl, if what you said is true, then why was I the only one who fainted? I’m sure I’m not the only guest today who saw the eight-diagram mirror, right? Why are they fine?”

Upon hearing her words, the crowd reacted and started to voice their doubts one after another.

“That’s right. I saw it too, but why didn’t anything happen to me?”

“I saw it too.”

“As I said before, this brat is trying to trick us.” Darryl ignored the questioning aroimd him.

Instead, he looked at Abby intensely and said, “This is President Guy’s personal problem.” “My personal problem?” asked Abby.

Brandon grew impatient. “Why would my sister have problems? Explain it clearly.”

Darryl smiled slightly and asked Abby, “Allow me to be presumptuous, but are you on your period today, President Guy?”

Abby bit her lip tightly as her face turned red, expressing a hint of discomfort.

“Motherf*cker, are you purposely looking for trouble, you punk? Do you wanna f*cking d*e?” Brandon could not hold it any longer. He suddenly stood up and stared at Darryl with rage.

It wasn’t enough that this punk pretended to know what happened, but now he dared ask Brandon’s sister such a private question in front of so many people. He must be tired of living.

At the same time, several burly bodyguards were about to surround Darryl.

“Back down!” Abby ordered the bodyguards.

She bit her lip and said softly, “It…It did come today.”

Darryl nodded his head. “Just as I thought. The blood offended an evil spirit. From the perspective of Feng Shui, you broke a taboo, but it’s not a big issue. It’s fine now.”

In that moment, Brandon finally understood and did not say another word.

A person like Brandon couldn’t apologize to Darryl. He merely glanced at Darryl intensely and helped Abby back to the hall of the villa.

The crisis had passed with some surprises but without any harm. There was nothing left for the guests to see, so they returned to the hall as well.

The Darbys looked at Darryl with confusion in their eyes. None of them congratulated him.

In their hearts, they did not expect Darryl to succeed. They believed he must have blindly guessed his way to the solution.

’What Feng Shui? All of that was just a lie,’ they thought.

Only Jackson’s face was full of respect and joy.

As everyone was returning to the hall, Jackson grabbed Darryl’s arm and said to him with adoration, “Second Brother, you’re so amazing. You even knew such strange knowledge. You didn’t know, but I was almost scared to d***h just now too.”

Darryl laughed and patted Jackson’s shoulder. “You fool. Did you think that I would be messing around on your wedding day?”

The feast that followed went on without an issue, and the guests had great fun.

The entire Darby clan was happy about Jackson’s wedding. Even his big brother, Florian, repeatedly encouraged him to drink and said numerous blessings.

Jackson himself was also extremely worked up. It’s seemed like the moment the alcohol went into his cup, it dried up immediately. Before the feast was even finished, he was already unconscious and had to be carried to his room to rest.

Drice the feast was over, Darryl and Drake said their goodbyes and left.

Just as they walked out of the villa, two men in black walked up to them.

“Mister Darryl, Mister Guy wants you to pay him a visit,” one of the men said, expressionless while the other made a welcoming gesture.

It was evident that the Mister Guy they mentioned was none other than Brandon Guy.

Even the bodyguards under him had such an imposing aura. This just showed the amount of influence Brandon had on Donghai City.