The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 686

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 686 – “You—”

Wendy was embarrassed and angry; she looked at Darryl coldly. She felt ashamed that a Level Four Martial Marquis had defeated her!

Darryl was not in the mood for any nonsense. He smiled, picked her up and said, “Don’t stare at me as if you and I are in a feud. Instead, you should thank me for bringing you to meet your younger sister! ”

After he said that, Darryl held Wendy in his arms and walked toward the camp; he hummed a cheerful song as he did that.

As soon as he arrived at the camp entrance, a soldier stepped forward and asked, “Master Darryl, this woman is…” The soldier examined Wendy quietly.

‘Was she not the woman in green who paced outside the camp just now?’

At a distance, the soldier thought that the woman was gorgeous.

When he saw her again at a closer distance, he was stunned by how gorgeous she looked. Her beauty mesmerized him!

So gorgeous!

Darryl replied with a smile, “This is my wife. She is here to visit some relatives.”

Before the soldier responded, Darryl walked into the camp.

The soldier watched Darryl’s back as he walked away; he was utterly stupefied. ‘Master Darryl’s wife is already in the camp, is she not? Does he have two wives? Both his wives are so beautiful!’

The soldier was envious of Darryl.

On the other hand, Wendy almost fainted; she immediately blushed.

“Darryl, you—you are presumptuous!”

How dared he tarnish her image and proclaim himself to be her husband?

Wendy wanted to k**l Darryl immediately.

However, she could not move because Darryl had sealed her acupoints.

Then, they arrived at Darryl’s tent. As soon as he entered it, he smiled and shouted, “My dear wife, look who I brought you?”

“I told you not to call me your—”

The little fairy instinctively yelled. Before she could finish her sentence, she was stunned when she saw the figure in Darryl’s arms.

The little fairy trembled and quickly walked toward him. She was surprised and delighted. “Sixth Sister?

Wendy was also surprised to see her. “You’re here, Sister?”

Wendy realized that she was still in Darryl’s arms; she was ashamed and angry about that. “You—you b*****d! Let me go!”

She was embarrassed to be seen in a man’s embrace in front of her younger sister.

What a shame!

Darryl smiled bitterly. He put Wendy down and said, “I’m only doing this so that the two of you can meet. Not only you are unappreciative, but you also keep calling me a b*****d. It’s so hard to be a good person.”

Darryl leaned against the door with his arms folded; he admired the sisters with a smile.

Both of them were pretty in their own ways. They both had the aura of a fairy. The little fairy was more lively, and the sixth fairy was quieter in comparison.

“Younger Sister, this b*****d claimed to be your husband! Are you—”

Wendy frowned. She looked at the little fairy worriedly.

“Sixth Sister— ” The little fairy blushed as she stomped her feet. “What did you say? How can I possibly be married to him?”

Suddenly, two maids walked into the tent with some supper. When they saw the people in the tent, they were stunned.

A few seconds later, one of the maids said, “Master Darryl, this—”

There was only a woman with him the previous night. How did another one appear out of nowhere overnight?

Both of them were so beautiful.

Darryl smiled and said, “This is also my wife. You can call her Madam as well.”


The maid was shocked. Then, she welcomed the new arrival respectfully. “Pleased to meet you, Madam.”

“Go away.” Wendy was furious; her body trembled in anger.

‘Darryl is a real b*****d. Not only did he take advantage of my younger sister, but he is also taking advantage of me!’

Two maids went out in a hurry after they noticed the seemingly weird atmosphere.

‘Why do both the madams have such bad temper?’

Darryl was amused. He said to Wendy, “Hey, Pretty Lady. If’s just a matter of efficiency to call both of you my wife. If they were to find out about your true identity, you’d lose your life.”

Darryl was kind and thoughtful.

However, Wendy did not take it well. Her face was flushed, and her body trembled.

“Shut up!” Little Fairy stared at Darryl as she hissed, “You, too, get out!”

Little Fairy wanted to exchange some secrets with her sixth sister, and she did not wish Darryl to hear it.


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