The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 673

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 673 – “Two idiots.” Darryl muttered softly as he looked at their backs and followed them to the military tent.

Among the tents set up by the New World troops, there was a huge military tent.

This military tent was used by the commander and the soldiers to discuss their a****k plans. The generals of the New World troop were all gathered in the military tent.

In the military tent, Sloan sat at the top with a cold face. At times like that, she was extremely solemn.

The generals below her dared not make any loud noise, even their breathing was controlled. Earlier, the soldiers from the New World and the cultivators from the World Universe had their first confrontation, but they were not happy with the result.

The battle lasted only ten minutes. Both sides suffered great injuries and lost thousands of manpower.

Sloan wanted to trounce Donghai City in three days. However, judging from the situation then, many people from the World Universe had gathered in

Donghai City, offering support to guard the city against the enemies. Should that continue, when would they take down Donghai City?

Darryl and little fairy were taken to the military tent.

“Darryl reports to the Commander in Chief,” Darryl greeted Sloan respectfully.

Although he was reluctant to salute her, he had no choice. He was living under her, in her territory.

Sloan nodded slightly and looked at him. “Darryl, you are a native of Donghai City, right?”

“Yes…” Darryl responded.

Sloan nodded and said slowly, “Since you are a native of Donghai City, I will hand you a task now. You will lead a few soldiers to sneak your way around to the enemy’s back end and launch a surprise a****k and harass them. You must catch them by surprise. I’m sure the six major sects and those cultivators are bound to be in chaos.”


’Did you tell me to launch a sneak a****k on the six major Sects and those cultivators?’

Darryl was stunned, he was troubled.

Although he had grievances with the six major sects, he would stand united with his people against the enemies. How could he a****k the six major sects?

Thinking about the order given, Darryl refused with a wry smile, “Commander, I don’t want to do the sneak a****k..”

“You must go.” Sloan looked at him coldly, her tone allowed no doubts or rejections!

Sloan was unhappy that Darryl would dare to defy her order! In the army, her orders were like imperial edicts. Did Darryl dare to defy the royal decree?

Sloan frowned. She took out a token and handed it to Darryl. “I’ll say it again, you will take a few soldiers to launch sneak attacks on the major sects and you must not disobey my order. Take this token with you.”

The token was needed to get out from the enchanted barrier which was set up around the tent for protection.

Seeing that Darryl had a token, the little fairy was very happy. She was worried about how could she slip out. With the token, she was able to leave the camp unimpeded.

However, she did not expect that Sloan would say something about her. Sloan looked at Darryl and said, “Darryl, your wife should just stay put in the camp for the time being. Everywhere is in chaos, it is safest to let your wife stay in the camp.”

After hearing that, the little fairy trembled all over, and her mood sank to rock bottom. She was eager to return to Fuyao Palace and refused to be trapped in the camp…

“Darryl, you should act fast. Go put on your armor, choose a horse and set off quickly with your troops, ” Sloan said and waved her hand to dismiss him.

“I’ll obey the order.” Darryl had no choice but to nod and agree on the task given to him. He turned and left the military tent.

As soon as they were out of the tent, the little fairy kept herself closely behind him, her beautiful face was showing her dilemma. She bit her lip and said whispered, “Darryl, you… you must take me when you leave the camp later…”

Since last night, the little fairy had been figuring out an escape plan.

Limited by the enchantment barrier around the camp, there was no way she could leave without a token…

“Oh? Darling, are you coming with me because you miss me so much?” Darryl looked at Irene and teased with a playful grin.


Irene stomped her feet, she was blushing.


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