The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 669

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 669 – “You’re digging your own grave.” Sloan’s gaze locked on Darryl.

The surrounding temperature seemed to drop more than ten degrees!

K*****g intent flashed in her eyes as Sloan gazed at both Darryl and the little fairy coldly, “Drag these two people down, chop them up and throw them into the sea.”

How dare a smooth talker cracked a joke on her? He must have lived too long!

The Black and White Cavaliers lunged forward and produced the two long sabers in their hands. They were ready to cut Darryl!

Darryl was shocked, he was stunned.

F*ck! Sloan wanted to k**l him over a playful joke that he cracked. Who could he go for mercy?

“Commander Sloan, hold on.”

An anxious voice sounded, in the nick of time. A person walked out of the cabin quickly.

It was Grandmaster of Heaven!

Darryl was shocked to see the grandmaster there!

He realized quickly that the Grandmaster of Heaven had defected to the New World.

Monica left Elysian Island for two reasons. The first was that she was pregnant with his own child. The second was because Elysian Island had joined forces with the New World.

The Grandmaster of Heaven took a few steps and bowed to Sloan, “Commander Xing Sloan, please be merciful… this person is called Darryl, and I belong to the Grandmaster of Heaven Cult.”

The Grandmaster of Heaven was also very surprised to see Darryl there on the trip he embarked with Commander Sloan to evade the Universe World.

Sloan let out a breath after hearing that. “It turns out that he’s a member of the Grandmaster of heaven Cult and one of us. In that case, I will spare your life.” Sloan looked at Darryl and said authoritatively, “I’ll not let you off so easily if you repeat this.”

“Yes, yes!” Darryl nodded repeatedly.

Staying alive was the most important thing to do…

Unexpectedly, Sloan said to Darryl, “You’ve reached the Level Four Martial Marquis at such a young age, you are a rare gem. I’ve always valued talents. Well, today I shall give you an official position. You will be given the title of a “Little Marquis”.

Little Marquis was an official position in the New World.

The official positions were divided into nine ranks in New World.

The position of a “Little Marquis” was actually very low ranking. Though it was ranked the seven out of nice., he could rule about a hundred people in the camp base.

“Thank you, Commander, in Chief.” Darryl was stunned and quickly thanked him pretentiously.

’F*ck! Who wanted that position anyway? And why is the title so weird… Little Marquis.’

Thousands of large ships from New World docked onshore. “Report!”

A soldier walked over quickly, he said respectfully to Sloan in a half kneeling position. “Commander in chief, I’ve found about the six major sects in the Universe World and I’ve learned that they have all gathered in Donghai City. They claimed to resist to the day they died and will not let us in.”

“How many people are there.” Xing Yao asked.

“Commander in chief, their strength is about the same as ours, close to two hundred thousand members…” the soldier replied respectfully.

Sloan nodded. Her voice echoed throughout the place, “Listen up! Set up a tent nearby and prepare to take a good rest. We’ll a****k first thing tomorrow.”


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