The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 664

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 664 – Darryl was dumbfounded at the sight of the whip coming down on him!

What the h**l was going on? The young lady in her twenties was a Level Two Martial Saint?

That was right! She was a Level Two Martial Saint! Darryl was perplexed. It took him great efforts to reach the Level Four Martial Marquis. He went through a rough time. He could not believe that the lady before his eyes was a Level Two Martial Saint!

Darryl thought he must have seen it wrongly. He quickly dodged the whip and spoke to Irene, “Hey pretty, I don’t remember there is any hate between us. Why this?”

He was sure that he had never offended her! The flick of the whip earlier was meant to take his life. Had he not been nimble enough to avoid it, he would have been k****d!

“There’s no need for you to know why. You only ought to know that next year, on this very day, it’s the day you have passed for a year!” Irene said coldly and she sent out another flick of her whip. Whoosh!

It was much worse than the first one!

“C’mon pretty! Tell me, why do you want to k**l me?” Darryl let out a long sigh.

Irene did not even entertain him one bit. She sent out whip after whip and it was much impactful than the one before.

Sh*t! what was wrong with the lady?

Darryl lost his patience. He took out his Blood Drinking Sword in a backhand movement and charged forward!

F*ck! That was crazy, was it not? How could she go up to him and assaulted him without a word?

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The Blood Drinking Sword collided with the whip and made fitful loud clanging noise.

Initially, Irene thought very little of Darryl. She thought she could beat him down with two strokes of her whip. However, she knew she was wrong after a few exchanges of moves!

What the h**l was going on? Though Darryl was only a Level Four Martial Marquis, every single thrust of his sword driven by his internal energy was precise and packed with a punch. She was at no advantage at all!

How could that be?

There came another thrust of Darryl’s sword. Irene swerved to avoid the blow. An icy look of misery spread across her face!

Being a Level Two Martial Saint, she was annoyed that she was at no ascendancy over a Level Four Martial Marquis after more than fifty rounds of blows! What a shame!


She waved the whip and drove Darryl backward. Irene lifted up her arm and three plum blossoms appeared in her hand!

The plum blossoms were evidently products of her internal energy. It twirled around in the sky! That was a technique she acquired recently- Three Stanzas of Plum Blossoms!

Darryl was stupefied! He could see that it was a terrifying technique!

He had no choice but to use the Ascension of the Nine Dragons to repel the deadly a****k. He raised both arms and nine dragons emerged! “Boom!”

The two techniques collided head-on and after a massive bang, the radius of a few miles was covered with dust!


Darryl coughed out two mouthfuls of blood. Finally, he suffered a great deal.

Irene wasted no time and sent a slap across, taking full advantage of Darryl’s weakened state!

F*ck! Darryl cursed under his breath and raised his hand hastily to fend off her palm.


The two palms came together in midair, producing a stalemate.

They were having an internal energy duel!

Darryl knew he would be at the losing end if they were to carry on fighting. There was only one way he could possibly win the fight and it was no other than the internal energy duel!

Irene thought it was funny that a Level Four Martial Marquis would opt for an internal energy duel with her. Was he sick in the head? That was a suicidal act, was that not?

Two seconds later, Irene was wrong again!

She could sense the strong current of internal energy coming from Darryl’s palm, like the violent waves of the ocean. ‘Was that Pure Energy Internal Energy?’

However, it was too late for her to withdraw her palm. She knew she was no match to him but taking away her palm could possibly breaking her heart vein. She had no choice but to bit the bullet and hold out with all her might!

After what seemed like a minute, she felt like Darryl had an unlimited supply of internal energy whereas she was forced to take several steps back! Her face turned pale from the assiduous attempt to hold out.

“You…” Her lips almost bleed from her teeth that sank in. She could not believe that she was losing to a martial marquis.

“Boom! Boom!” In a swift moment, Darryl punched on Irene’s acupoints and her body stiffened instantly.


Darryl let out a long sigh, a grin spread out on his face. He was pleased with himself.

How smart of him to engage in an internal energy duel. Darryl was also won out from the grueling battle. He sank onto the beach and was breathing heavily to recover his strength.

“C’mon, tell me why do you want to k**l me?” Darryl stood up, he was grinning. He went close to her and asked.

The little fairy was snorted. She refused to answer. ’D**n it! Is she trying to be hard?’

“I’ll ask once more. Who are you? Why are you here to k**l me? Tell me! I don’t have patience.” His voice was cold, seemingly losing his patience.

“F*ck off!” Irene cracked her red lips open and threw out a short remark coldly.

She was a little fairy from the Fuyao Palace. Who dared to be disrespectful and talk down to her?

Darryl was irritated. “What’s there to hide? Do you have the guts to k**l me but no guts to tell me who you are?”

He thought of Monica who was hungry in the hospital. He had to go back to her soon.

Nonetheless, he had to find out who the h**l the lady was.

“F*ck off!” Again, the impassive words came out of her lips.


That was Darryl’s last straw. How could a hostage be so aloof? Who was she protesting to?


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