The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 66

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 66 – He must have been lucky. A live-in son-in-law, who was kicked out from the family, had gotten lucky when the shares he bought shot up. Was he there to show off that he was a winner?

Most of the guests could not help but laugh at him. They had long heard about how the Darby clan’s second young master had been kicked out from the family and became a live-in son-in-law. However, they did not expect that he would return to the family so shamelessly.

At that moment, Darryl’s eldest brother, Florian, walked toward him and nodded at him. “Second Brother, it’s good that you’re back. Pay her no mind.

Florian’s words sounded welcoming, but his face showed a trace of indifference.

Even though they were brothers, they had nothing in common since they were young. They hardly communicated after Florian married Yumi. The gap between the two brothers grew even further under Yumi’s influence.

Darryl did not say anything, but he nodded.

Then, they heard an anxious voice.

“quick! Someone, come quickly! President Guy has fainted!”

“How did that happen?”

The guests scattered in a panic and their expressions were complex and solemn.

There was a formally-dressed woman on the floor. She looked to be in her thirties, and she had a s**y body. However, her eyes were closed as she laid there motionless.

“President Guy?”

Drake panicked when he saw the scene.

The woman was Abby Guy, the general manager of Black Wolf Security Group and a famous person in Donghai City! Black Wolf Security Group was contracted for the security of all high-class communities in Donghai City, including bank escorts. It was a powerful group.

The so-called security group was only a name. Those who work in the security group were all gangsters. It was only called a security group as a formality.

Abby’s younger brother, Brandon, was a local despot in Donghai City!

She had been invited to attend Jackson’s wedding.

It looked like she had fainted at the wedding banquet; if something were to happen, the entire Darby clan would be blamed for it!

Florian and Yumi also hurried toward the scene when they heard the scream.

Yumi shouted anxiously when she saw the situation, “Quick, is there a doctor here?”

“Me… everyone, please move away from her; let me have a look.”

Suddenly, a tall woman walked out of the crowd; she looked warm and gentle. The men’s eyes were all on her.

Yumi was pleased when she saw the woman. ” Director Sullivan, quick. Please.”

Drake, Florian, and those who stood beside him were also relieved.

That beautiful woman was Shelly Sullivan, the director of the best hospital in Donghai City. She graduated from a famous medical school and had superb medical skills. The people in Donghai City called her a genius doctor!

Everyone seemed reassured when they knew she was there.

The other guests also seemed relieved.

Shelly crouched and looked at Abby’s condition. Then she said, “It might be the crowded hall, which might have caused chest tightness and breathing problems.”

Shelly signaled the crowd to disperse when she said that. Then, she pinched Abby’s philtrum with her finger.

Shelly told someone to get a wet towel.

They did not dare to delay and followed Shelly’s instructions to the dot.

However, no one noticed the frown on Darryl’s forehead.

The reason Abby fainted was probably related to the villa.

Mountains and rivers surrounded the place, and the environment was pleasant. However, there was an eight-diagram mirror at the entrance. That made it easy for negative energy to enter one’s body.

Abby was still on the ground; it did not look like she would wake up soon.

“What’s going on?”

“Maybe President Guy is suffering from an acute illness?”

“Hush, do you not want to live anymore? What nonsense are you spouting?”

The crowd had begun to whisper.

Drake realized that it was a bad situation. He quickly stepped forward and asked, “Director Sullivan, how is she?”

Shelly was a little embarrassed; her eyebrows frowned as she said, “It’s not looking good. I think it’s better to send her to the hospital quickly.”

Drake nodded quickly and then ordered someone to prepare the car.

It was at that moment that Darryl squeezed through the crowd and said, “There is no need to go to the hospital It won’t help her, and it might make her worse.”


Everyone at the scene was shocked when they heard that; they even threw weird glances at Darryl.

Director Sullivan’s hands were also tied. What would a live-in son-in-law know about that?