The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 653

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 653 – Darryl slapped Janette with all of his strength. She had no time to react; she flew backward about ten meters away. Her body hit the wall and dropped onto the ground; she even vomited fresh blood.


All the few female artists started to shout as they hid at a comer; all of them were scared.

Dalton was stunned; he said to Darryl in fear,” Darryl, what are you doing? This is my suite, leave now!”

Dalton still did not know the relationship between Darryl and Monica.

Darryl’s eyes b****d with rage. Since he did not manage to meet her at Elysian Island, Monica was left alone at Donghai City with no one to help her.

When he saw how Dalton had bullied her, and the marks on her face, Darryl was enraged!

He did not speak, but the energy he released was terrifying; it filled the entire suite.

How strong was that man?!

Dalton was stunned; he immediately ordered his bodyguards, “Why are you still standing there? K**l him!”

The bodyguards looked at each other; they were worried.

Darryl was too strong for them.

They had no choice as they had to follow their boss’ order. After a few moments of hesitation, the bodyguards rushed forward.

Darryl did not show any emotion. He raised his hand, and his internal energy started to circulate.


The bodyguards were thrown backward, and they landed on the ground. They even vomited blood.

“You—” Dalton started to sweat.


He had hired his bodyguards at a very high price, but none of them could defeat Darryl.

Dalton’s sweat had wet his shirt. He knelt on the ground and bowed to Darryl. “Darryl, no, Brother Darryl. This is all a misunderstanding.”

Darryl sighed and ignored Dalton. He walked toward Monica and released the rope that bound her.

Monica was delighted to see him. She hugged Darryl tightly, but she could not control her tears. “Darryl, where have you been? I thought you do not want to see me anymore.”

The Cult Mistress started to cry.

“I am sorry.” Darryl held her tightly; he was filled with regrets.

He could feel her tears on his chest.

“After I left Elysian Island, I couldn’t find you. You didn’t come for me. I thought you do not want to see me again,” Monica said as she cried.

“Sorry, I am so sorry. Of course, I still want you.” Darryl wept too. He felt terrible.

At that moment, the footsteps of a hundred people were heard as they rushed toward the delime suite. All of them were dressed in traditional black attire.

Zephyr was the one who led them.

Once Darryl heard that the Cult Mistress was at Secret Garden, he immediately called Zephyr and told him to meet him there with some of their members.

“Take all of them.”

Zephyr looked around as he entered the suite. He gave his orders as he pointed at Dalton and his men.

All the Elysium Gate members immediately tied them up.

“Brother Darryl, what do you want us to do with the fat one?” Zephyr asked politely.

None of them would address Darryl as Sect Master in public.

Dalton was devastated; he knelt and begged. “This is my fault, I’m sorry.”

Darryl carried Monice and looked at Zephyr. “This Dalton and Janette, shred them into human sticks. Do you know what a human stick is?”

Human stick? Zephyr was clueless. He shook his head.

Darryl said coldly, “Human stick means to shred off whichever body parts that are not flat. Shred all those parts and made them as flat as a stick.”


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