The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 646

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 646 – The Cult Mistress must have been very disappointed.

Darryl was worried; he had no idea where the Cult Mistress was at that moment.

‘Once she left Elysian Island, she would definitely come to Donghai City to look for me. And I have not been back to Donghai City for a few days now. I wonder what she did when she could not find me?’ Darryl thought.

Darry was worried; he left the room immediately. He whistled to the snow eagle and rushed back to Donghai City immediately.

Darryl felt uneasy the entire journey. Images of the Cult Mistress filled his mind. She was pregnant too, so, hopefully, she was alright.

At the Emei Mountain.

The building was located in the mid-section of the mountain; it was an ancient building, and it was the location of the Emei Sect, one of the Six Sects.

For thousands of years, the Emei Sect had produced many female leaders.

There was even a rumor that the only female empress in history, Lady Wu, was Emei Sect’s 26th Sect Master.

Their Sect Master was the infamous Goddess, Aurora Hansen, and she was the sect’s 37th Sect Master.

Due to her unique skill, the Icy Dragon Punch, she was also known as Ice Lady Goddess.

The Icy Dragon Punch was a rare skill, but it was also extremely powerful!

The legend about the Ice Lady Goddess was an incident that happened five years ago.

At that time, there was a landslide at Emei Mountain due to the consistent heavy rainfall. All of the villagers at the bottom of the mountain suffered as most of them were fruit farmers. Due to the landslide, the transportation was also severely affected. Most fruits p******d before they could be sent to the market.

When Aurora heard about that, she used the Icy Dragon Punch to break the mountain into half so that the farmers could use it for logistics.

That was five years ago, and people still talked about it.

She had broken the mountain in half with just one punch.

In one of the halls in the Emei Sect’s building.

Aurora sat on the Phoenix Chair. She looked about 30 years old, and she wore a purple dress; she looked elegant like a Goddess.

She was also a Level Four Martial Saint.

After a long cultivation period, Aurora had finally achieved her upgrade.

That was the first day after her upgrade, and she looked as cold as she usually did.

Abbess Mother Serendipity stood in front of her.

“Sect Master, we must k**l Darryl!” Abbess Mother Serendipity said.

She had rushed back to the Emei Mountain when she learned that Aurora had completed her cultivation. Then she told her about all the humiliation that she had suffered at Darryl’s hand.

Aurora sat there and said, “Darryl? Was he the one who caused the d***h of his grandfather, violated his siblings, joined the Eternal Life Palace Sect and humiliated you?”

“Yes, that’s him!” Abbess Mother Serendipity sighed.

She was so angry when she remembered that she had to kneel in front of Darryl and he had patted her hair.

Abbess Mother Serendipity bit her lips. “Sect Master, he is a useless piece of sh*t! He also has the Supreme Mystery Scripture with him. The scripture cannot be in the hands of such a useless person.”

“Right,” Aurora replied calmly. “Let’s not talk about him. Tell me what had happened when I was in cultivation.”

Abbess Mother Serendipity nodded and continued to say, “Sect Master, the most critical development was that the World Universe would most likely enter a battle with the New World…”

On the other hand, at the Great West Real Estate’s presidential office in Donghai City.

It was six in the morning, and Darryl sat worriedly at his desk; Jade stood obediently beside him.

Darryl called Jade early in the morning when she was still in bed. She could hear that Darryl was very anxious. She rushed to the company; she did not even waste time with makeup. However, she still looked attractive without it.

“Get me a painting artist, and hurry,” Darry ordered.


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