The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 64

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 64 – Granny Lyndon could not sit still as she asked emotionally, “Mister James, may I ask about this Mister Darby…”

Paul shook his head and interrupted her. “Old Lady, you had better consider the matter at hand first. My time is precious. I will give you five minutes.”

Granny Lyndon stopped talking.

The Lyndon family was desperate. They would be gone if they did not have the money to pay their debts.

Even though the conditions he proposed were somewhat preposterous, at least it would give the Lyndons a moment to breathe.

However, their family’s enterprises’ future would be uncertain if they were to partner with Dragon Tech.

After some hesitations, Granny Lyndon sighed and nodded at Paul. “Okay, I shall agree to that.”

“Granny, we can’t agree to that.”

“Yes, if we consented to this, we would have no say in Neptunus Corporation in the future.”

“Granny…………. ”

Suddenly, everyone in the Lyndon family spoke one after another, each with an overly anxious expression.

Even though the partnership with Dragon Tech would benefit the development of the Lyndons’ enterprises, with less than half of the shares, everyone in the family would be Paul’s employees.

“That’s enough. Shut up!” Granny Lyndon stood up with a cold expression on her face as she shouted angrily, “That’s my final decision. Don’t talk about it anymore.”

When they realized that Granny Lyndon was angry, everyone immediately quieted down; no one dared to oppose her.

Paul smiled and transferred the money.

Half an hour later, outside the Lyndons’ residence, Paul called Darryl as he sat in a limurious car.

“Mister Darby, it is done!” Paul said respectfully.

“Well done! There’s nothing else, for now, Lil P. Go about your business.”


Darryl was in his office at Platinum Corporation. He was flipping through ‘The Geomancy of Yin and Yang’ book in his hand. He smiled with satisfaction when he heard Paul’s update.

After he hung up the phone, Darryl continued to read the book.

The contents of ‘The Geomancy of Yin and Yang’ were interesting, and it completely drew Darryl into it.

Darryl did not know what to say about the ‘Infinite Elixir Technique.’ Megan even noted that the Godly Pill he refined was useless. It was clear that the book was a lie.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was from Megan.

“Darryl, what is the name of the elixir pill that you gave me? I had a successful breakthrough, and I am now a Master General!” Megan said excitedly.

Had she succeeded?

Darryl was surprised to hear that.

It seemed that the ‘Infinite Elixir Technique’ worked, after all.

Darryl cheered up, but he tried his best to calm down as he said to Megan, “Well, my friend gave it to me. I don’t know what it’s called.”

“Oh!” Megan was a little disappointed after she heard his answer. However, she said, “You must ask about it when you see him next. If he still has the pills, could you get some for me, please?”

Megan almost begged him at the end of her words.

Did she think that they were chocolates? That she could get as much as she wanted?

Darryl smiled, but he promised her. Since the Godly Pill was effective, he would take advantage of his free time to refine a few more. The materials for the pills were readily available anyway. He could have as many Godly Pills as he wanted. Darryl laughed when he thought about it.

In the afternoon, Darryl bought a clay pot and all the materials needed for the Godly Pill and rushed back to the company.

When he walked into the office, he saw Pearl, who was there to report her work.

Pearl was stunned when she saw Darryl covered in sweat and carrying a few bags in his hand. ” President, what are you doing?”

She asked because she was surprised to see the clay pot in Darryl’s hand.

Darryl said casually, “It’s nothing; I’ve been feeling unwell for the past two days. So I bought some Chinese medicine and wanted to brew it.”

Pearl said, “I see. I can help you to cook it then.”

Darryl shook his head. “No, I’ll be fine on my own. By the way, if there is nothing important, don’t come in to disturb me.”

“Got it, president!” Pearl replied. She left the reports on his table, turned around, and walked out of the office.

Pearl could not help but muttered in her mind as she walked out of the office.

‘What was wrong with him? Why does he need a cactus for the medicine?’

After Pearl left, Darryl began to refine the Godly Pill.

There were more materials to prepare than before his first try. Half an hour later, Darryl had successfully refined two Godly Pills.

Then, the phone rang. It was from Drake, the patriarch of the Darby family.

Drake had not called Darryl since the last time he took money to help the Darby family through a difficult time.

Darryl sat on the director’s chair, slowly lit a cigarette, and picked up the phone. “What’s the matter, Uncle?”

His uncle would ignore him if there were nothing wrong. He would only think of him if he needed something from Darryl.

Everyone in the Darby family treated him that way, but he could care less about it.

“Darryl, I have great news!” Drake said with a laugh. ‘Great news?’

‘It cannot be anything good if you are looking for me,’ Darryl thought to himself.