The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 623

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 623 – Monica wanted to ask more questions, but the young man had walked away.

After she asked a few other persons, Monica finally managed to find Lyndon residence’s address. She decided to go straight there.

At the Lyndon residence.

Grandmother Lyndon had her morning tea in the hall.

A few of the younger members in the family chatted together happily.

Darryl, their live-in son-in-law, had made the Lyndon family a joke in Donghai City. Finally, they got rid of him.

A young boy walked into the hall and shouted, ” Grandmother, there is a lady outside, and she’s looking for Darryl.”

A woman who looked for Darryl?

Grandmother Lyndon furrowed her brows when she heard the name. “Go! Go and check it out.”

She strode toward the main hall, and the rest of the family trailed behind her. Monica was at the door.

Everyone was shocked to see her. She looked beautiful, attractive, and she had a s**y body.

“Who are you?” Grandmother Lyndon asked. Monica smiled. “Excuse me, does Darryl live here?” “What is your relationship with Darryl?” the grandmother asked.

The rest of the Lyndon family quietly looked at Monica, especially William.

How was the beautiful lady related to Darryl?

Was she another one of Darryl’s women? Sh*t, how many affairs did he have?

Yvonne was one, and another one had appeared.

Monica felt uneasy as they stared at her. She forced a smile. “I am Darryl’s friend.”


William smiled coldly. “I guess you are one of his mistresses. You looked beautiful and elegant, but you are just a cheap woman.”

William’s words ignited the fire in everyone. Everyone started to comment on her.

“What a cheap woman!” “How evil is this womaan?” Everyone started to scold her.

Monica trembled in anger. “You—what are you all talking about?”

Everyone at Elysian Island fully respected her. She had never been scolded in such a manner.

“Alright, silence!” Grandmother Lyndon walked toward with her walking stick.

She looked at Monica. “Darryl is not here. The b*****d is no longer related to the Lyndon family.”

“Then— ” Monica asked desperately, “Does he have any relatives in Donghai City?”

Grandmother Lyndon replied coldly, “He is the Darby family’s second son. All his relatives are there at the Darby residence.”

After that, the old grandmother led everyone back into the house.

Before she left, she turned and said, “Take care of yourself and your dignity as a woman. What do you get as Darryl’s mistress? You are just a b*tch.”

The door slammed shut after that.

Monica stood outside the house; her body trembled.

She was so ashamed and angry; she wanted to cry.


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