The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 612

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 612 – It was the Yellow Dragon Mountain. “Oh, no!”

Darryl was surprised; he patted the snow eagle’s neck lightly. “No, that’s the wrong way. Kunlun Mountain is not this way.”

What happened to the snow eagle? Had it forgotten the way?

The snow eagle chirped softly when it heard Darryl’ s words, but it continued to fly toward the Yellow Dragon Mountain.

Darryl was confused.” What do you mean? I don’t understand you.”

Darryl nodded his head. The show eagle was an intelligent bird; it must have a reason to fly toward the Yellow Dragon Mountain. Darryl decided to stop talking and held on tightly to the snow eagle’s neck.

A few minutes later, the snow eagle started to descend and landed on the Yellow Dragon Mountain. There was a cave nearby.

The snow eagle chirped loudly toward the cave and used its head to tap on Darryl’s shoulder.

Darryl was not sure what it wanted; he walked forward and looked at the cave. He was shocked!

There were a group of people in the cave. All of them were dressed in their own unique costume.

Darryl realized that some of them were from the Beggars’ Sect, a few were from the Giant Whales Sect, and some were from the Island of Peach Blossom Sect. All of them from the smaller sects; there were about a hundred of them.

Among them, a lady attracted Darryl’s attention.

The lady wore a long white dress; she looked beautiful, but her hair was all white. She was the eldest daughter of the Island of Peach Blossom Sect, Linda Holt. Darryl had seen her at the dragon slaughter event. Her while hair was very notable.

All of them stood in front of the cave; it seemed like they were in a discussion.

There was a stele in front of the cave; it had some carvings on it. As if was still quite lar, Darryl could not see what was carved on t0 the seal.

The cave could be an ancient tomb. It was located at such a secluded place; why were those people there?

Were there treasures in the tomb? complimented it. “You are so smart. You brought me here because you know that there are treasures here.”

Snow eagle chirped lightly and nodded.

The snow eagle amused Darryl; he patted the snow eagle again to praise him.


Suddenly, a voice came from behind him.

Sh*t! Darryl was stunned. He turned and was surprised by the view.

A beautiful lady stood there; she was smiling. It was Yvette.

The Royal Rat Guard and Royal Ox Guard stood quietly behind her.

Yvette wore dark green sportswear with a pair of sneakers. She looked so fashionable and s**y even though she was in a mountainous area.

Among all the beautiful ladies Darryl had met, Yvette was the one with the sexiest body figure.

Darryl gathered his thoughts and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Yvette smiled and said, “You are here; why can’t I?”

Then she turned and stared at the group of people in front of the ancient tomb; she had observed them discreetly too.

Darryl was curious. “Why are they gathering at the ancient tomb? Are there treasures in there?”

Yvette smiled. “For the past hundreds of thousands of years, there had been many powerful martial saints. They built their tomb in their own unique ways, with hopes that someday, someone could enter the tomb. Many of them did not have followers, but they did not wish their talents to go wasted after they died. They wanted to pass their knowledge on to someone else.”

Yvette looked toward the tomb again. “Even though I don’t know the owner of that tomb, I am sure it belongs to a powerful martial saint. Otherwise, no sect would be interested in it.”


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