The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 608

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 608 – Abby nodded and looked at the Lyndon family coldly. “Who was the one who hit him? Show yourself at once.”

“I was the one who beat him up.”

A cold voice was heard before they saw Darryl emerged from the corridor.

Shelly was beside him. Both of them had discussed Lily’s condition in the Chief’s office when they heard the commotion outside.

Abby saw Darryl, and she was stunned. Then she was excited.

Abby had always wanted to meet Darryl again ever since he gave her the Godly pill. She wanted to be his student, but Darryl had refused to accept her.

Abbess Mother Serendipity had badly injured Darryl; she thought she would never see him anymore. Since she saw him again, she would definitely want to try her best to make him take her as a student!

Grandmother Lyndon quickly walked forward with her walking stick and said, “Miss Guy, it was him;

Darryl did it. It had nothing to do with my family.” William and the rest nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it was not us. It was Darryl who beat up Don.”

“We will not stop you, no matter what you want to do with this live-in son-in-law.”

The Lyndon family immediately denied their relationship with Darryl.

That useless Darryl was in trouble again. Why would the Lyndon family want to be involved, especially when Lily did not even remember him?

Shelly was worried; she pulled Darryl’s shirt and said softly, “Darryl, you should leave.”

There were more than twenty of them; how could Darryl defeat them?

Shelly was speechless. The Lyndon family were too heartless to deny their relationship with Darryl immediately.

William glared at Shelly and said, “Chief Sullivan, you should stay out of this.”

Darryl deserved it as he was the one who beat up Don; he deserved to d*e! If Darryl were to leave, Don would blame the Lyndon family.

“He is the one!” Don pointed at Darryl furiously and said, “Sister Abby, I want him to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life!”

Don shouted; his eyes were red!

” He was the one who beat you up? ” Abby finally gathered her thoughts.

Don nodded. “That’s right; it’s him. It’s him!”

“I can’t help you with this, ” Abby replied coldly. Then she walked excitedly toward Darryl and gripped his arm. She smiled and greeted, “Master!”


Everyone was stunned; they could not believe it.

What had happened? Why did Abby address Darryl as Master?

The whole floor was in complete silence.

Shelly was stunned too. She looked at Darryl and wondered about his complicated background.

Darryl looked at Abby and replied, “What did I tell you earlier? You cannot address me as Master before I agree to take you as my student. I have not agreed to it yet.”

Abby wanted to learn to produce elixir desperately. She bit her lips as she swung Darryl’s arms. ” Master, please take me as your student. Please…”


The men who came with Abby were surprised as well; they could not understand it. Abby had always been a tough and fierce character; everyone respected her in Donghai City. They had never seen her in such a gentle manner. She even sounded lovely.

None of them dared to continue to watch the scene unfolded.


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