The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 6

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 6 – Darryl glanced at Pearl. If he was not mistaken, she should be the secretary his uncle mentioned about.

“Sorry President, I didn’t mean to be late. There was a traffic jam…” Pearl explained softly, afraid to look Darryl in the eye, and merely bowed.

“Pearl, what nonsense are you talking about!” Penelope stepped forward. Her beautiful appearance was slightly tinged with anger. “This is our company’s new security guard, why are you addressing him as president?”

“Security guard?” Pearl searched inside her handbag and took out a photo. She compared the photo with Darryl, and hurriedly replied Penelope. “Miss Peach, there is no mistake. This is our company’s new president, Mister Darby.”

“What!?” The crowd stood there with their mouths agape, and stared at Darryl in disbelief!

“Uh Miss, you… you have to be mistaken?” Giselle bit her lip tightly and looked at Pearl. “This guy is Darryl, he was my classmate in high school. Look at how uncouth he is, how could he be the president?”

How was this possible! Why would a president be wearing bargained goods and riding an electric bike? Moreover, during the very recent high school reunion, none of them cared to acknowledge Darryl!

“Mistaken?” Pearl took out her cellphone and showed it to Giselle. “Look closely, the patriarch of the Darby clan personally told me that the name of the new president is Darryl Darby! There is also a photo of the president shared in the conversation records, see for yourself!”


Giselle’s mind went blank in an instant! She could feel her legs weaken, she dared not look Darryl in the eye anymore.

Meanwhile, Penelope bit her lip tightly as well. As the deputy manager of Platinum Corporation, she was of a higher rank than many of the common employees. However, Platinum Corporation still belonged to the Darby clan. She could not believe that just moments ago she had threatened to fire the president…

“Mister Darryl…” Penelope’s face was pallor, she walked up to Darryl and whispered to him gently.

“I don’t think that’s the right address,” chuckled Darryl. “Giselle was my classmate, and you’re her aunt. I don’t think it’s fitting for you to call me mister.”

“Mister Darryl, I was wrong… I was wrong, I truly know that I did wrong…” said Penelope softly with her head lowered.

Darryl waved his hand and interrupted her words, he turned around and looked in the direction of the head of security. At that moment, the head of security was dumbfounded, his body staggered back, almost falling onto the ground.

“You’re fired,” Darryl merely said those words to him and entered the building.

A group of people followed Darryl with might, which prompted discussion among the employees at the ground floor level. Giselle and Penelope followed suit as well, but with a sense of humility. Although it was hard for them to walk on heels, they still trotted as fast as they could to follow close.

It has to be said, Platinum Corporation was extremely grand. Its interior was decorated to resemble a palace. News regarding the new president’s arrival spread across the entire company, employees along the way bowed and greeted Darryl.

The president’s office was on the 11th floor. Darryl sat in his chair when he arrived at his office.

‘How fancy,’ thought Darryl in admiration. Ever since he was banished from his clan three years ago, he never had the opportunity to visit such fancy places.


Giselle and Penelope followed him into his office and stood obediently in front of his desk.

To be fair, although Penelope was Giselle’s aunt, she had gone to great lengths to take good care of her appearance. They looked like sisters standing side by side.

“Mister Darryl… I sincerely apologize…” Penelope bit her lip, hesitated for a moment, before she continued. “Mister Darryl, will Giselle still be able to sign her contract with our company? As long as you allow her the contract, I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Anything I ask?” Darryl laughed out loud. As he was about to speak, Pearl knocked on the door and walked in.

“Mister Darby, it’s William of the Lyndon clan, he’s here to talk business.”

William Lyndon? The mere mention of him made Darryl’s blood boil.

Darry chuckled, “Tell him to p**s off.”

“Yes, sir.”


At the Lyndon clan’s villa. Grandmother Lyndon called upon an emergency meeting, hundreds of family members were gathered around.

“Granny, this Platinum Corporation is too ridiculous!” William was so angry that his face was bright red. “I went there to discuss a partnership and they told me to p**s off, p**s off! Clearly, Platinum Corporation looks down on us Lyndons.”

The Lyndons shook their heads one after another. There was nothing they could do, Platinum Corporation has the power to behave in that manner. They were angry but they could not complain.

“Enough,” Grandmother Lyndon said as she waved her hand. “I’ve heard that Platinum Corporation’s new president is just slightly over 20 years old. He is young and promising, which gives him the right to be reckless. Although they have a bad attitude, we Lyndons still have to continue to strike a deal with them, who among you is willing to go?”


They looked at each other in shock. The Lyndons still intend to discuss and negotiate a partnership? Platinum Corporation had already told William to p**s off, and yet they are still requested to seek their cooperation? Who would be willing to do that!?

Grandmother Lyndon let out a long sigh. She knew that no one was shameless enough to go there again. However, if they could form a partnership with Platinum Corporation, the benefits brought to the Lyndon clan would be immense! They cannot give up!

William clenched his fists and sneered out of a sudden. He stood up and spoke, “Granny, how about we let Lily try?”

“William, you!” Lily bit her lip tightly, she knew that William was the type to cause trouble, but she did not expect him to be such a wicked person.

“What’s wrong?” William asked. “You’re a member of the Lyndon clan, and the company you’re in charge of lacks a funding of five million bucks right? Let’s ignore the fact that the company is running badly. You’re still not willing to put in this effort to help your clan?”

Finishing his words, William went to Grandmother Lyndon’s side. “Granny, I suggest Lily negotiate this partnership!”

Grandmother Lyndon nodded her head. William was her favorite in the clan, and upon hearing his words, she looked at Lily. “Lilybud, this matter is placed in your hands. Go to Platinum Corporation on time tomorrow and negotiate a partnership.”

“Granny, I…”

Lily wanted to speak, but Grandmother Lyndon merely waved her hand. “That’s enough, we will dismiss the meeting.”

At the sound of Grandmother Lyndon’s words, hundreds of them left one after another. Each of them rejoiced at the fact that they were not the one that was chosen.

Returning home, Lily felt uneasy in her heart. This was an impossible task. How was she supposed to negotiate this partnership tomorrow?

Lily felt terribly upset, she simply did not want to think about this matter anymore. She called her best friends Jade and Phoebe over to vent.

When Lily’s best friends arrived, sure enough, her mood turned ecstatic.

“Lily, where’s that piece of trash?” Jade asked as she sat on the sofa, gently sipping on a glass of wine.

Lily knew who Jade was referring to and laughed. “He left after making breakfast, he hasn’t been back yet.”

“Lily, you’re so patient.” Jade placed her wine glass down. “Even I could not bear how hopeless he looked. Your company is lacking in funds, if you had a capable husband, even if he couldn’t fork out five million, at least he could provide two to three million bucks. Meanwhile, Darryl can’t even provide 30,000 bucks.”

As Jade was talking, the sound of the door opening could be heard. Darryl came in holding a black sack, his whole body covered in dirt and grime.

D**n it, it started raining when Darryl was on the way back from his company. His scooter was broken earlier this morning when it was knocked by Giselle so he had to walk back drenched in the rain.

“Yo, speaking of the devil,” said Jade as she glanced at Darryl.

Darryl could not bother to acknowledge her, instead, he just placed the black sack on the sofa.

“Darryl, you still dare to show your face around here?” said Samantha as she came out of her bedroom, looking angry.

If it was not for Darryl’s conflict with William, why would William suggest Lily be the one to negotiate the deal?

Samantha glared at Darryl. “You’re behaving more and more improper. Putting aside your conflict with William during yesterday’s gathering, you still dare to show your face around here? Don’t you know that you’re leaving your footprints everywhere in the house by wearing your shoes inside? Another thing, that ugly bag of yours is so d***y, and you just place it on the sofa? Do you still want to live here or not? You’re welcomed to leave if you don’t want to!”

Darryl heaved a deep breath. Indeed he was the one that dirtied the house, but was he also not the one responsible for cleaning up the house all these years?

Darryl was not angry, for if he minded Samantha’s words he would have been driven mad way earlier.

Darryl put on an indifferent attitude and approached Lily, and spoke to her with a wide smile on his face. “Honey, your company is in dire need of five million bucks, right? I have here…”

“Woah.” Jade who sat at the side let out a laugh, interrupting Darryl’s words, and glared at him. “This guy is truly shameless beyond redemption. Nevermind the fact that you’re useless, yet you still want to remind people of their problems. Lily needs five million bucks, which is something a piece of trash like you can never help with, and yet you still brought it up.”