The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 596

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 596 – “Haha! Come on, take two more steps forward, and I shall give you the Phoenix Pill.” Leroy snickered as he teased Darryl.

Darryl was drenched in blood. He left a trail of blood with each step he took.

“Phoenix Pill, Phoenix Pill!” Darryl repeated over and over.

“Sh*f! Why are you still thinking about the Phoenix Pill when you are about to d*e?” Leroy yelled coldly. He had lost his patience. “You can take the Phoenix Pill in your next life. You will have to d*e now!”

Leroy raised his Crescent Moon Blade and swung it towards Darryl.

“Darryl!” Dax shouted. He wanted to rescue Darryl, but the Kunlun members surrounded him. Darryl saw the blade; he knew he could not escape. He closed his eyes and gave up on defending himself.


Suddenly, there was a loud c***h of metals hitting each other. A long sword flew from afar and landed on the Crescent Moon Blade, blocking Leroy’s a****k.

From a distance, tens of thousands of Eternal Life Palace Sect members were charging towards them! Leading the group was a man in a white shirt, holding a feather fan. It was Chester.

“Darryl, Dax!” Chester was furious to see both of them covered in blood. “A****k! K**l everyone! ” Chester shouted.

All of the Eternal Life Palace Sect members charged forward, while the Four Guardian Kings charged towards Leroy. The entire Kunlun Mountain was filled with battle cries!

The fight lasted for another half an hour. Under the a****k of the Elysium Gate and the Eternal Life Palace Sect, all thirty thousand of the Kunlun members dropped to the ground. Red blood covered the entire main hall. No one was left standing!


On the other hand, Leroy could not defend himself any further. He vomited blood as he was surrounded by Henry Bi-General, the Four Warlords, the Ten Heaven Masters, and the Eternal Life Palace Sect’s Four Guardian Kings. Along with Dax, there were twenty of them!


Dax punched Leroy’s chest. He flew across the main hall, hitting the pillars before falling hard on the ground.

“You ambushed me! All of you. How dare you!” Leroy shouted angrily as he vomited more blood, looking pale and weak


Chester slapped him and stared at him coldly. “How dare you claim to be ambushed? Sect Master Darby was attacked by hundreds of you from the Six Sects. Who is the real monster here?”

“You, you…” Leroy could not speak anymore. His whole body was trembling.

“You shall d*e!” Dax said coldly and raised his ax.

Leroy, the Sect Master of Kunlun Sect, cultivated the Dark Method. He did evil deeds—he deserved to d*e.

“Father!” At that moment, a young girl rushed forward.

The young girl looked gorgeous, but her face was covered with tears. She was Leroy’s daughter, Lydia.

She kneeled on the ground, bowing to the ground, “ Brothers, I am begging you. Please release my father, I am begging you…” The young girl bowed to the ground, her forehead covered with blood.

“Brothers, I beg you. I will hand over the Phoenix Pill.” Lydia’s tears were flowing down her cheeks.

Lydia held out her hands to reveal a bright and shiny crystal-like stone. The stone was round, and it looked alive.

It was the treasure of the Kunlun Sect—the Phoenix.

With his Blood Drinking Sword pointed at Leroy, Darryl laughed, “Haha…”

Despite laughing, his heart was in pain. He glared furiously at Leroy while his tears flowed uncontrollably. Darryl shook his head. “Too late. It’ s too late for you to hand over the Phoenix Pill. Too late!” Darryl roared.

After such a long battle, Yvonne had only half an hour to live. It would not help even if he had the Phoenix Pill.

Leroy was sweating all over. What? Too late?

Leroy was mortified yet curious. “This Phoenix Pill could cure those that are terminally ill. You can take it to cure Miss Young. She will be fine.”


Darryl snickered coldly and shouted, “Yvonne is at Donghai City. Even if I rush back with the Phoenix Pill to Donghai City without resting, it will be too late. You have to d*e today!”


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