The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 59

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 59 – “Are you playing dumb?” Megan frowned as she studied Darryl.

‘Why did he not answer me but asked me a question in return?’

“What did you use to defeat those imbeciles just now?”

Darryl rubbed his nose“That was nothing. I’ve practiced Wing Chun for a while now.”

“That’s not tme!”

Megan shook her head firmly. “Your arms moved so widely when you struck just now. That was not Wing Chun.”

Darryl was speechless.

Megan was right. She had taught herself Wing Chun, but she found it useless; it was only a trick for street fights.

Darryl shook his head. “What sect of Wing Chun

were you talking about? What is going on?”

“Don’t you know?” Megan was still suspicious. When she noticed that Darryl did not pretend to be confused, Megan sighed softly and said, “There are six main sects of Kung Fu. Don’t you know?”

Megan continued as Darryl did not respond, “There are six sects of Kung Fu, namely Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Kunlun, Tianshan, and Xiaoyao. Each sect has its own style of cultivation, and the type of cultivation is completely different from the usual kick0oxing.”

“Those six sects used to be very prosperous, but with the development of social science and technology, most of these sects have resumed secular life and started trading businesses in the city. Some even became celebrities and entrepreneurs.”

‘Really? Why does it sound like storytelling?’

Darryl was speechless; he thought that Megan must have teased him.

Megan tried to convince Darryl, who was still in disbelief. “I don’t have to lie to you. In fact, I am a Senior Sister in the Emei Sect.” Then, Megan showed him a jade slip.

Darryl took a closer look and saw that the words written on it spelled ‘Emei’. The words were written in archaic characters, so Darryl was utterly stunned.

Then he recalled that when Megan faced the beared man and his group earlier, she had managed to knock down so many people single- handedly. It seemed like an impossible feat, even though she had training.

Finally, Darryl believed Megan.

“The disciples from the six sects are also called cultivators. The realms of martial cultivators include Master, Master General, Martial Marquis, Martial Saint, and Martial Emperor. Each realm is divided into five levels.” Megan no longer observed Darryl’s expression; she just went on and on.


Darryl exhaled deeply and asked, “Which realm are you?”

Megan’s face darkened; she was embarrassed, “I’m just a Fifth Level Master, a step away from reaching the level of a Master General.”

“Quite a low cultivation realm, then.” Darryl smiled mischievously as he murmured.

Megan blushed and argued, “Cultivation is not easy. Some people joined all the six sects and were stuck in the Master realm for their entire lives. My cultivation level is considered quite high¡ at least I’ m a Fifth Level Master.”

Then, Megan changed the subject. “Are you really not in any of the sects?”

Megan had observed Darryl in the earlier fight. Each of his punches landed hard and accurately on his opponents; none of them missed. How could an ordinary person be so powerful?

Darryl shrugged. “Well, do I need to keep my skills hidden? I don’t belong to any sect. Perhaps I am just naturally strong.”

Megan frowned as she looked at Darryl. She said, ” Stop blowing your own trumpets! Do you think you are born with supernatural power? If I’m not wrong, you must have taken some sort of a physique -enhancing elixir.” Darryl’s expression froze. ‘Elixir?’

‘Could it be the elixir that Samson Facey gave me earlier today?’

‘F**k, it must have been that d**n elixir! I have practiced Wing Chun, but I could only spar with two or three people. It was impossible for me to hit a dozen people at one go! Is it really that elixir?’

“Forget it; I won’t tell you any more.” When she realized that Darryl was consumed in deep thoughts, Megan replied tiredly and then closed her eyes.

Megan was so tired after she ate the Weak Bones Elixir, so she fell asleep.

‘Isn’t she afraid that I have ill intentions toward her?’

Darryl was surprised that Megan had fallen asleep on the sofa.

He admitted that Megan was a stunning woman, and her graceful figure was simply alluring.

However, something else had caught Darryl’s attention. He had to find out about the elixir, so he called Samson.

“Mr. Darby, how may I help you?” After the call was connected, Samson spoke politely to Darryl.

Darryl went straight to the point. “What is the name of the elixir you gave me?”

“Why do you want to know about this? Let me think. I think it’s called the Universal Pill?” Samson said after he tried to recall it.

‘Universe Pill?’

Darryl frowned. Then, he said he had to go and hung up the call.

He picked up the two books that he had gotten earlier. One of them was the ‘Infinite Elixir’, which seemed to be about alchemy. ‘Let’s see if there is a record about the Universal Pill!’

After he flipped through a few pages, Darryl was shocked, and at the same time, he was enlightened.

Sure enough, he had found a description for the Universal Pill very quickly.

(The Universal Pill can dredge one’s meridians and can significantly increase one’s strength and speed.]