The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 585

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 585 – Bang!

Right at the most critical moment, a dagger hit Leroy’s blade. With a loud c***h, Leroy fell backward.

“Who dares to interrupt?” Leroy shouted.

He looked towards the door and saw more than ten shadows rushing towards them. All of them were dressed from top to toe in black, looking fierce.

They were Yvette’s Twelve Royal Guards!

“It’s you!” Everyone was stunned. Earlier, they were p******d with the Weak Poison and held captive by the Twelve Royal Guards at the Wishing Star Tower. Everyone had thought that they were Indomitable Darby’s followers.

The Royal Rat Guard went towards Darryl. “Mister Darby, my princess sent us here to save you. We will rescue you from here,” he reassured. “Don’t worry, no one can cause you any further harm with us here.”

Darryl was stunned. Why would Yvette send someone to rescue him? However, he did not think further. He nodded to the Royal Rat Guard and went to help Dax.

Darryl held Dax and stepped forward. “Leroy, I’ll only say this once more. Hand over the Phoenix Pill!”

“Phoenix Pill?” Leroy glared at them, “Rubbish! Don’t you dare think of the Phoenix Pill!”

“You have absorbed Yvonne’s spirit energy. Only the Phoenix Pill would be able to save her. I am asking you one last time, are you going to hand over the Phoenix Pill or not?” Darryl growled and clenched his teeth.


Everyone was in shock. They turned to look at Leroy.

There was only one technique of absorbing spirit energy in this world—the Dark Method. However, the method was lost many generations ago. How would Leroy possess the method?

Leroy maintained a dark expression. He could not let anyone know that he cultivated the Dark Method.

“You rubbish, what nonsense!” He spat at Darryl. “ Miss Young’s incident had nothing to do with me. The Phoenix Pill is the treasure of the Kunlun Sect. How could I give it to you? Go to h**l!”

Leroy lifted his blade again to charge towards Darryl, bypassing the Royal Rat Guard.

The Royal Rat Guard held Darryl and Dax in each arm and sprinted away from the hall. Once they were outside, he leaped forward and took Darryl and Dax with him. They flew up in the air and left the Hexad School.

“Leroy! You did not give me the Phoenix Pill. I will k**l you!” Darryl shouted as loud as he could while he was in the air. His voice was coarse.

All he could think of was Yvonne. Yvonne would d*e without the Phoenix Pill.

“Rubbish! How dare you ask for the Phoenix Pill?” Leroy stepped out of the hall and pointed in the air towards Darryl.

“Fine, fine, fine!” Darryl’s eyes were all red. Using his internal energy, he roared, “Leroy! In three days, I shall destroy the Kunlun Sect and the entire Kunlun Mountain!”

Darryl’s thundering roar was heard all over Donghai City. Everyone in the hall went silent. A

few seconds later, some people burst into laughter.

“Haha! What rubbish is he talking about? He wants to destroy Kunlun Sect? Haha!”

“Yes, he is only a Master Saint! Haha!”

“Master Henderson, did you hear him? The piece of trash said he wanted to destroy the Kunlun Sect!


Everyone was laughing. Leroy could not help but chuckle. “He is crazy. Let’s ignore him. He is just a clown. The most important thing now is to discuss how to destroy the Elysium Gate.”

No one took Darryl’s words seriously, the words from a man who almost died. What a joke.


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