The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 569

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 569 – It was Evelyn Featherstone and Circe Newman.

Darryl was surprised. He did not expect that Circe Newman would be a follower of the Eternal Life Palace. Evelyn and Circe were looking ethereal and beautiful in a plain long dress. However, all eyes were on Darryl and Dax.


The followers put down the coffin slowly, then stood to the side.

The entire deck was totally silent. Many had heard about their Sect Master’s passing.

Chester stood up, looked at Darryl, and choked, “ Brother, the coffin…”

Darryl sighed, “Lies Callum Webb’s body.”

Chester quickly approached the coffin. His hands trembled as he slowly opened the lid.

Callum was lying in the coffin peacefully. His entire body was covered in scars, and his eyes closed. The wounds on his body were terrifying.


Chester lost it. He knelt and wailed, “Master…” He was crying in pain.

Chester and Callum were the closest in the sect. All these years, Callum treated Chester as his own brother. Seeing his body, Chester could not accept the fact that Callum was gone.

He cried loudly. The entire viewing deck was mourning.

Then the Four Guardian Kings and other Hall Masters knelt and cried too. They wailed, “Master…”

Their cries rang through the entire Eternal Life Island.

After a while, a woman slowly walked towards Chester and lifted him up. “Hubby, don’t cry.”

It was Chester’s wife, Adina Vega. Like her namesake, she was extremely gentle, and while she might not be beautiful, she looked kind. Her heart ached as she looked at how Chester sobbed. She hugged him.

Dax walked up to Chester as he took Callum’s token and will, he handed it to Chester. “Brother Chester, Master made me promise to hand these two things to you personally.”

Chester nodded. He took it with both hands as he wiped his tears and went back to the platform.

He opened Callum’s will and read, “I am Callum Webb, the twenty-seventh Sect Master of Eternal Life Palace, and I was ambushed by the Six Orthodox Sects. Knowing I don’t have much time left, I have written my will.”

Chester was still sobbing, so his voice was not loud. However, the entire deck was silent so that they could hear him clearly. All eyes were on Chester as they listened to him read their Master’s will.

Chester took a long breath before he continued, “ When I d*e, Military Adviser Chester Wilson will take over the position of Sect Master. The Four Guardian Kings and 100,000 followers are to obey Chester Wilson’s orders!”

At that, Chester’s eyes became red. Holding back his tears, he continued, “Finally, everyone has to obey this order! Many of you know that one day war will ignite between the New World and World Universe. Every follower of the Eternal Life Palace must not be a traitor! Do not surrender to the New World! Those that disobey my order will find that I have died in vain!

Chester choked and sobbed as he read the last sentence. “Callum…”


Chester knelt and yelled with confidence, “Master, don’t worry. As long as I’m alive, I will not let the followers be snitches for the New World! I swear, I’ll lead the Eternal Life Palace well!”


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