The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 56

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 56 – ‘So, they dug the Xueyan Promenade Vase from here. It looks like this graveyard has some secrets.’

‘Then again, those men do not seem to be digging with care. What if they destroy the cultural relics? Those were treasures left by our ancestors! What should I do?’

When Darryl about his next step, he heard the bearded man yelled angrily. Who is it? Why are you sneaking around there? Come out now!”

Darryl was shocked. ‘D**n it! He saw me!’

Darryl was about to walk out from behind the tree when he saw the bearded man pull a gloomy face and walked straight to another tree about ten meters away.

“How dare you raid the graves! This is a criminal offense. You guys should stop!”

Before the bearded man got to the tree, a soft voice emerged from behind the tree.

Phew! Darryl thought he had been exposed.

Darryl sighed in relief when he heard the soft and charming voice.

Then, he saw a gentle and s**y figure walked out from behind the tree.

Darryl was stunned.

Her delicate face was covered with dust, and she showed fearlessness and unbending dignity. It was none other than Megan Castello.

‘Why is she here?’

Megan frowned. When she got off work at the police station, she saw a group of people had snuck up to Beishan. With her years of criminal investigation experience, she had a hunch that those people were up to no good, so she followed them.

It was after work hours, and Megan was dressed in her casual clothes without her self-defense weapon. Thereforewhen she saw the group of people had raided tombs, she did not act rashly. Instead, she waited for an opportunity to call her colleagues for support.

Unfortunately, before she could send out a message to get help, the bearded man had seen her.

The bearded man was startled by Megan’s beauty. Even the rest of his group had also fixated their eyes on Megan.

“Wow! There is a beautiful woman on this barren mountain. What a surprise!” the bearded man said after he regained his senses. He smiled at Megan.

The bald man and the others teased the woman. “Oh f*ck, she is so beautiful.”

“What an attractive aura of a domineering lady.”

“I don’t mind cutting ten years from my life if I can get her!”

When he heard his accomplices, the bearded man smiled and ogled at Megan. He said, “Hey, pretty, we have been so bored after a long day at work Would you like to play with us?”

Megan’s chest heaved in anger as she cursed, ” Watch your mouth! I am the Criminal Investigation Team Leader of Donghai City.”

After she introduced herself, Megan yelled at the bald man group, “Put down everything in your hands and stand in a line.”

The group of people were shocked to hear the command from Megan; they began to look a little fearful.

‘I have heard about a beautiful policewoman in Donghai City; she must be the one!’

The bearded man clenched his fists¡ the corners of his mouth curled into a sneer. “So, you are the beautiful policewoman that everyone else had mentioned.”

As he spoke, he stealthily waved his hands. The bald man and his men quietly advanced and flanked Megan when they received the signal.

“What are you doing?” Megan shouted sharply.

There was a trace of ferocity on the bearded man’s face. He asked in return, “What do you think we’re doing?”

D**n it; there was no way out! They would not surrender so easily and allowed themselves to be caught.

As soon as the bearded man finished talking, the bald man and his group charged forward.

Megan’s eyes flashed with a cold fury, and she moved quickly without waiting for her opponent to approach her.

As the Criminal Investigation Team Leader, Megan was rather skillful in sparring. In merely a few seconds, she had managed to defeat a dozen of them.

Nonetheless, she was still outnumbered. Soon, Megan lost her focus, and the bearded man had the chance to sneak an a****k on her and tied her with a rope.

“So what if you are the Criminal Investigation Team Leader? I managed to subdue you, haven’t I? Hey, don’t stare at me like that. Wait until we are done this dig, my baby, and then we’ll play with you!” After he kept Megan bound, the bearded man smiled. He looked at Megan lecherously.

Megan glared at the bearded man. “Don’t be too arrogant; none of you can get away with this!”

Megan’s face flushed red, and her delicate body trembled in a fury. She looked so captivating in that state.

The bearded man met her gaze momentarily. Two seconds later, he laughed. He said in an impish tone, “Are you trying to play rough with me? I can’t believe you still think that you can catch us. I’ll let you experience the joy of being a woman and then bury you up here. Let’s see how you can catch us then. Haha…”

Megan was furious¡ she bit her lips.

As Donghai City’s Criminal Investigation Team Leader, she was strict and harsh with her team¡ she had always appeared respectable in front of the outsiders, like a queen.

How could she withstand the humiliation by a tomb raider?

“You guys think you’re brave, don’t you? Not only did you guys raid the tombs, but you are also disgusting salacious perverts.”

That voice came slowly from not too far away.

Megan, the bearded man, and the rest of the group immediately looked in that direction. They saw Darryl there with a smile on his face.

“You?” Megan was surprised and delighted to see that it was Darryl. At the same time, she was also a little worried.

The group of unscrupulous people were desperate; it would not end well for him if he were to fall into their hands.

Megan began to shout anxiously, “Quick, run away and call the police!”

However, Darryl did not move. He made no effort to run away at all.

The bearded man frowned and looked at Darryl as he said coldly, “Who are you?”

His bald accomplice pointed at Darryl dumbly. “F* ck! Aren’t you the antique appraiser at Pearl Pavilion?”

‘Antique appraiser?’

Megan and the others were stunned.

‘What antique appraiser?’ Megan knew Darryl as the Lyndon family’s live-in son-in-law.

“Hurry up!” Megan was flustered as she looked at Darryl and shouted. The bearded man took a pill from his pocket and stuffed it into Megan’s mouth!

“Shut up, b*tch!” he said with a wicked smile. “I’ll take care of this brat, and then it’ll be your turn.”

Megan was forced to s*****w the pill Soon, her legs became jelly. “What the h**l did you give me?”