The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 557

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 557 – Darryl screamed, completely losing it. He rushed forward and grabbed Jeremy by the collar, throwing punch after punch.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Each punch was harder than the other.

Darryl released a powerful deep current of Pure Internal Energy that enveloped the crowd. It made the entire crowd grow silent. Everyone was stunned by Darryl. He was like a lunatic who lost all control as Jeremy howled in pain with every punch.

“Darryl, how dare you hit me!” Jeremy’s face was bleeding. He squirmed but could not move. “You’re d**d! You’re d**d! My Master is here, and I’ll make sure you d*e here today!” he continued screaming. His head was swollen, yet he could not fight back.

“Hubby, stop. Let’s go.” Lily was anxious as she knew of Zachary’s reputation. If he was here, Daryl would be d**d.

“Go? You think you can leave this place today with my Master here?” Jeremy laughed maniacally.

’Master?’ Darryl thought.

“If your Master is here, I’ll beat him up as well,” Darryl replied.

“Who dares talk so boldly?” a man wearing a black Chinese jacket said as he appeared from the crowd- it was Zachary Hume.

Jeremy grabbed on to Zachary desperately, yelling, “ Master, master, help me!”

Zachary glared at Darryl. “How dare you beat my disciple up in public?”

He was livid as Jeremy was his favorite disciple.

Darryl look a deep breath and kicked Jeremy to the floor. “So what if I hit him?”

“You—! He’s my disciple!” Zachary yelled.

“So what if he’s your disciple?” Darryl asked slowly. “You’re asking to d*e! You filth! It’s bad enough you joined a cult, but now you dare beat my disciple! I won’t forgive you!” Zachary rushed forward.

“Hubby, run!” Lily yelled, but Darryl was not afraid at all.

“Even till now, he’s still pretending. He deserves to be hit!” Evelyn jeered.


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