The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 551

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 551 – “Sure!” Darryl nodded. At least there was hope, however small it was.

Susan sighed as she bit her lip. “Also, I can tell you how to save her, but you have to promise me something.”

“Auntie Susan, anything,” Darryl replied without hesitation, nodding.

Susan sighed before she looked at Darryl seriously. “ This is about when Rachel tricked you into the peach blossom forest. I don’t want you to tell your godfather. Never mention this again.”

“I promise you, I’ll never speak of it again,” Darryl agreed immediately. Doing this was nothing compared to Yvonne’s life.

Susan smiled. “Great. I’ll tell you. This lady’s essence has been absorbed using the Dark Method. The Dark Method is an ancient, thousand-year-old cultivation method from the New World. Perhaps someone skilled from the New World might be able to help her.

“If you bring her to the New World, perhaps there might still be a chance. However, she only has a few hours left. I don’t think you can save her in time.” ‘New World?’ Daryl wondered, delighted.

It was true, Leroy Henderson did receive the Dark Method manual from the New World Emperor!

Yvette was the New World Princess, so perhaps she might have a solution?

“Yvonne, let me make a phone call!” Darryl said anxiously before he headed out.

He fished his phone out and called Yvette.

Yvette and Lily were watching a movie. They were the center of attention in the cinema. The boys were paying more attention to them than to the movie.

“Lily, where’s your husband?” Yvette asked suddenly.

She still felt humiliated from being tied to a tree then tortured by Darryl using Formations until she begged for him to stop. However, this was her vendetta with Darryl; it did not stop her from being best friends with Lily.

Yvette could also see that Lily does not know that Darryl was Indomitable Darby.

“My husband?” Lily asked, holding a bucket of popcorn. “My husband hasn’t been back for two days. I can’t even contact him. Why do you ask about him?” she laughed.

“Nothing, just making conversation.” Yvette blushed. She was seething with rage as she thought about how Darryl humiliated her.

What made matters worse was when the Twelve Royal Guards were about to apprehend Darryl, a man and woman rescued him. Yvette has been looking for him ever since, to repay the humiliation. However, it was like he vanished from the face of the Earth.

Yvette’s phone suddenly rang.

“Lily, wait for me. I need to take this call,” she said to Lily apologetically.

She thought it would be from one of her men, but she was stunned when she saw it was from Darryl. How dare he call her?

She bit her lip and answered the call.

“Yvette, I need a favor. You have to help me,” Darryl said anxiously.

’You humiliated me, but you want me to help you? Dream on!’ Yvette thought.

She laughed menacingly, “Darryl, Indomitable Darby. You’re the sect master of Elysium Gate. Why do you need a favor from me?”

“Yvette, my good sister, you have to help me!” Darryl replied agitated.

“What sister? Who’s your sister?” Yvette stomped her feet angrily.

“During the Formation, you called me brother. I’m older than you, so isn’t it normal that I call you my younger sister?” Darryl explained helplessly.

“How dare you bring up what happened before!” Yvette yelled angrily.


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