The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 550

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 550 – “Alright, I won’t cry, I won’t cry…” Yvonne wiped her tears and said with a smile, “Alright then, let’s start the wedding ceremony.”

“Great!” Darryl held Yvonne’s hand and slowly stood up.

At that moment, Sara had finished nicely and splendidly decorating the room.

Sara was happy to see the couple had already knelt. “ Are you guys starting the ceremony? That’s great, I’ll be your witness!”

Sara finished her words and energetically walked toward the couple while joyfully exclaimed, “We gather here today for the marriage between my brother and Miss Yvonne. May you be blessed with joy and happiness with the Heavens bearing witness… First bow to the Heavens and Earth!”

Darryl and Yvonne smiled at each other and bowed with their hands intertwined.

Sara then exclaimed, “The second bow as a respect to the Elders!”

The couple then faced toward Donghai City and bowed.

At that moment, Darryl could feel Yvonne’s body trembling as if trying to control her emotions.

Yvonne was the Young family’s sole daughter. She naturally had hoped for her father’s blessing during her wedding with Darryl but under such circumstances… She was unsure how much longer she could live and held back her regretful feelings.

After they bowed respectfully to each other, Darryl held Yvonne and stood up with unease filling his heart.

At that moment, Sara smilingly said, “Bro, you and Miss Yvonne are a match made in heaven, I’m so envious. I wish both of you eternal happiness and stay together till you’re old.”

“Yes, together till we’re old…” Yvonne could not help herself and started tearing up.

Sara was stunned and worriedly asked, “Yvonne, what’s wrong?”

‘What’s going on? Did I say something wrong?’ Sara thought.

Darryl took a deep breath and held back the pains in his heart as he forced a smile. “It’s fine, she’s just too excited.”

Sara nodded her head but was still doubtful.

’Shouldn’t she be laughing if she’s happy? Why is she still crying? How strange…’ Sara thought.

She then smilingly said, “Alright, it’s time for both of you to enter the bridal chamber. I won’t bother you any longer.” Sara left as soon as she finished her words.

At that moment, Darryl could feel Yvonne’s vitality worsening. He felt bad and softly said, “Yvonne, go lay on the bed and rest a moment.”

Yvonne nodded her head and let Darryl carry her to the bed with her arms wrapped around his neck.

Yvonne laid down and softly said, “You should rest too. You must be tired after carrying me around the whole night.”

Darryl smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

At that moment, both of them had the same thoughts. No matter what was going to happen in the future, they wanted to treasure every second they had together at that moment.

As Darryl was about to lie down, the bedroom door suddenly opened!


A slender and alluring figure slowly walked into the Room.

It was Susan who walked in.

Darryl was surprised to see her and quickly stood up and asked, “Auntie Susan? Is something wrong?”

Yvonne’s expression was also uneasy as she felt a little awkward. She was at someone else’s house after all.

Susan looked around and noticed the room’s decorations. There was a certain curiosity on her face as she asked, “Did you guys just get married?”

Although Susan was curious, she had no intention of reprimanding them.

At that moment, Darryl nodded and smiled wryly. “ Yes, we did. Yvonne had her spirit energy drained and doesn’t have much time left. Both of us had the same idea and didn’t want to leave any regrets behind.”

Susan silently nodded upon hearing his words and said, “Darryl, I can tell that you have a deep affection for Yvonne, but you shouldn’t feel too bad. There might still be a sliver of hope for her.”


There was a way to save Yvonne?

At that moment, Darryl’s entire body trembled as he anxiously exclaimed, “Auntie Susan, tell me quickly. How can Yvonne be saved?”

Susan smiled faintly and shook her head. “I can tell you how to save her, but let me be clear that you shouldn’t put too much hope in this method.”


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